Creating an Open Access Journal with the University Libraries

by Maria A. Barca

Are you interested in publishing in or creating an Open Access journal? If your answer is “yes!”, but you don’t know where to start, then keep reading. In this blog post, we’ll look at how Seton Hall University Libraries can help you create or publish in an Open Access journal.

Open Access scholarship—including journals—are high-quality, peer-reviewed works that are freely available for people to access. There are no financial, legal, or technical barriers to accessing Open Access content. See this link for more information.

So where would you go to publish or create an Open Access journal? To our repository, of course!

Seton Hall University has an institutional repository: eRepository @ Seton Hall. Through the eRepository, Seton Hall students, faculty, researchers, and other community members can upload their Open Access scholarly research, data and datasets, podcasts, infographics, presentations, etc., for the world to access. You can immediately see the reach that our eRepository has with the interactive map found on the front page of the site.

If the prospect of posting in our eRepository excites you: good! Your librarians are here to help you upload your scholarly works to the repository; and if you have even bigger goals, we can also help you create academic, peer-reviewed Open Access journals to showcase the works of scholars and students on a particular topic or area of expertise. One of our eRepository journals, Locus: The Seton Hall Journal of Undergraduate Research, has been particularly successful.

If you are interested in publishing in the eRepository, creating an Open Access journal, or just have more questions about how we can help you expand your research output, please contact the Research Information Management Librarian, Maria A. Barca ( or reach out to the eRepository email (

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit at New Walsh Gallery Exhibit

image of incense Aagainst a mountain backdrop
Lauren Schiller
Meditation: Pilgrimage
oil on panel
10″ x 8″

Walsh Gallery welcomes the community to its Spring exhibit: Matter+Spirit, a collaboration between Chinese and American artists in which participants respond to the roles materiality and spirituality play in their societies.

The opening, on Wednesday January 25 from 4-7pm, coincides with the Lunar New Year, which celebrated the new Year of the Rabbit this past Sunday. Lunar New Year is celebrated in many Asian societies, including China, Korea, Vietnam, and more.

At 3pm, Professor Lauren Schiller, who was one of the artists who participated in the seminar and created one of the paintings in the exhibit, will speak about her experience in China and her piece. Join her talk on Teams.

At 4pm, the Gallery will open and the following speakers will briefly address attendees:

Welcome: John Buschman and Joseph Martinelli

Core Connections: Nancy Enright

Exhibit Overview: Jeanne Brasile

Artist Introduction: Lauren Schiller

Musical Performance: Students in the Chinese Language program, led by Dong Dong Chen.

5-7pm: explore the exhibit and enjoy refreshments outside

We hope you can join us!

Historical NSA Posters

In our efforts to uncover and share various interdisciplinary resources including materials that have both a textual and visual basis for added informational perspective.

A historical example that touches on the topic of Security from a Political Science, International Relations, Business, Scientific, and additional fields of enterprise can be found in a site that showcases 1950s-70s posters created by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Through the generous efforts that fall under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) these images have been made available to the public for research purposes.

The link to this site can be found here =

For additional information on this topic and research assistance on any subject, please feel free to contact us via the following site =

Best wishes and success to everyone for the Spring Semester!

Podcast on Social Media, Religion, and Feminism – Dr. Ruth Tsuria

We are happy to announce the latest installment of the University Libraries podcast series entitled: Zet Forward. This podcast entitled: “Social Media, Religion, and Feminism with  Dr. Ruth Tsuria”

features an interview with Dr. Ruth Tsuria who collaborated with Dr. Heidi A. Campbell (Professor at Texas A&M University) on the edited work: Digital Religion, Understanding Religious Practice in Digital Media, 2nd ed. (Routledge, 2021)

Digital Religion, Understanding Religious Practice (Publishers Site)

Ruth Tsuria, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Communications at Seton Hall University and is a prolific author having published articles in various academic outlets, such as The International Journal of Communication, The Communication Review, and Social Media + Society along her book volumes.

Ruth Tsuria, Ph.D. – Faculty Profile

This podcast covers the work of Dr. Tsuria along her work to further scholarship and awareness of topics related to Communication, Social Media, and Feminism along with their varied intersections in a historical and contemporary context.

You can find this podcast at Podcast @ Seton Hall University.

Zet Forward is a podcast to celebrate authors and other individuals who are involved with projects for the benefit of Seton Hall University and the wider world.  The series began in February of 2022.

Exploring New Subjects in 2023

In celebration of the New Year and the in spirit of embracing the start of anything and everything that might be of personal interest, the University Libraries has several resources related to the origin stories on a wide range of topics and subject areas.

Included below is a link to various resources that can serve as a beginning point if you want to look at specific items found within our collection =

Starter List of Resources – Origins

For additional information on this topic and research assistance on any subject, please feel free to contact us via the following site =

Wishing each of you a Joyous 2023 Ahead!

Mother Seton Library Guide

January 4th marks the Feast Day of the first American-born Saint and the Patroness of Our University, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. We have numerous resources both print and in electronic form. This information is openly shared with our local community and access is provided to interested parties across the globe. Included below is a link to our specialized site devoted to the life, writings, and legacy of Mother Seton. Regardless of the source type each item found on this site is available for reference purposes. Additional materials are also added on a regular basis.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton & Family Library Guide =

For additional information and research assistance related to Mother Seton, or any research project of interest please feel free to contact us via the following site =