Accessing Library Resources Off-Campus

With the start of the Fall 2023 academic term looming in the next few weeks, the University Libraries is pleased to offer all students the opportunity to establish a head start on their preparation for the upcoming semester.

Connecting to our Homepage, specialized databases and other electronic-based resources can be used off-site at your convenience whenever and wherever you are located.

The following link will take you to the University Libraries Homepage which can be accessed by clicking on the following hyperlink =

University Libraries Homepage

Additionally, for any site that requires an ID and Password code, you can connect to the following specialized site here =

Off-Campus Connection to University Libraries

Wishing everyone success and satisfaction on your respective searches and the rest of your vacation time!

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Resources on the Significance of Friendship – University Libraries

July marks the commemoration of International Friendship and its significance which extends across the globe. Making the acquaintance of others is not only a way to start dialogue, but also a learning experience on many levels. The history, dynamics, and informational nature of friendship is a means of learning the nature of this dynamic not only during the month of July, but year-round.

Celtic Knot – Symbol of Friendship

The following resources provided by the University Libraries offer a starting point for those who want to learn more about the significance of establishing contact with others.

Library Guide – Civic Engagement

Library Guide – Social Justice

Seton Cat – Articles on Friendship

Seton Cat – Books on Friendship

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Infinity Symbol for Friendship

University Libraries & Independence Day Information Sources

In the spirit of educational liberty and learning about the observance of July 4th , University Libraries is delighted to share resources with the SHU Community. This day is an important federal holiday established to honor the unveiling of the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming the birth of a new nation in 1776.

There have been several works produced that examine the Declaration of Independence and its backstory. This includes the people, politics, and spirit that have made the this document one of the most popular and respected of our national charters. The following resources provide a starting point:

History – Getting Started (Library Guide)

Declaration of Independence

American Revolution

*  Independence Day, American

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Happy Independence Day Everyone!