Research Advice from a Senior Diplomacy Student

Laura Rogers
Laura Rogers, recent Seton Hall graduate and former student library worker

The library has many resources available that I wish I’d known about as a freshman, especially for Diplomacy students. As someone who has worked at the library for the last four years, I’d recommend that all students familiarize themselves with the library’s website, as most questions regarding the library can be answered there. On the website, you can find comprehensive lists of available books and eBooks, which are separated by subject. Many professors will put their textbooks on permanent reserve at the library. I highly recommend taking advantage of this resource, since I know how expensive some books can be and how they add up. Professors don’t always announce when books are on reserve so it’s important to check the website for yourself, especially because some professors use the same textbooks for different classes.

Another aspect of the library that few students know about is the newspaper subscriptions that are available through the website. I know that many professors encourage students to stay up to date on current events, whether it be through news or journal articles. Many of these are available for free online through the library. So, if you need to access to major newspapers like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal among others, I encourage all students to look at the subscriptions the school already has access to.

All disciplines have research guides, which are a great starting point for finding relevant databases and resources. They’re written by expert liaison librarians for each major, so I highly recommend students find out who their librarian is! I personally met with the Diplomacy subject librarian over the past four years by making a research appointment. I met with her several times to discuss papers I’ve written, including my senior thesis. She was incredibly helpful in providing me with tips to locate the sources I needed.

While the website covers most of the resources you’ll need, our subject librarians and circulation staff are always welcome to help any students navigate the resources the library offers in person or over chat or email.


Textbook adoptions for Spring 2012

When you order course materials for the spring semester, please make sure to check the library catalog to see whether we have a copy of your book(s).

If the library has a print copy, please take the time to put the item(s) on reserve for your class.  If we have an electronic version of a book, please let us know that you are using it for a class so that we can monitor use and request an additional copy if needed.

If the library does not have the book(s) that you are adopting, please consider donating or loaning a copy to place on reserve.

While the library does not typically purchase textbooks, if you are adopting a book that you feel would be a valuable long-term addition to our collection, you may request it here.

Many thanks for your assistance in providing our students with the resources they need to succeed.