New Research Tool: PolicyMap

The University Libraries have recently acquired the online data mapping tool PolicyMap.  PolicyMap is a Geographic Information System (GIS) pre-populated with more than 37,000 continuously updated data sets including information on demographics, home sales and mortgages, health statistics, socioeconomics, jobs and employment, and more.


From the company:

PolicyMap is an online data and mapping tool that enables government, commercial, non-profit and academic institutions to access data about communities and markets across the US. Use it for research, market studies, business planning, site selection, grant applications and impact analysis.

Universities use PolicyMap in a variety of schools and curriculums, such as social sciences, urban planning, public policy and business administration. It allows them to focus on analyzing data – not collecting it or learning how to use expensive mapping software.

What can students and faculty do with PolicyMap?

  • Generate maps and tables to incorporate in reports and presentations
  • Search by address, city, state, zip code, county or census tract
  • Create topical reports by predefined region, radius, or custom-drawn region
  • Compare data across geographies or view trends over time
  • Find communities meeting up to 3 criteria on a map
  • Download select datasets as csv files
  • Rank geographies across an indicator
  • Create custom regions for unique analysis
  • Upload your own point level data
  • Incorporate work into papers and presentations

What kinds of indicators will they be able to access?

  • Demographic estimates and projections
  • Income and poverty measures
  • Employment by industry
  • Homeownership rates and affordability
  • Home Sales
  • School performance
  • Quick community profiles

What types of analyses can they conduct?

  • Compare obesity rates among states
  • Track mortgage lending patterns in a city
  • Understand the racial and ethnic composition of a community
  • Identify neighborhoods with certain income and household characteristics
  • Draw a unique geography on a map and generate a comprehensive report of the areas’ demographic and economic characteristics
  • Upload other data and leverage it against the trusted data available through PolicyMap

How could they use their analysis in class?

  • Make a case for a particular public policy intervention
  • Argue for a particular site for a business
  • Describe a market for a business plan or marketing strategy


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Pop Up Museum – Thursday, February 11th

Pop Up Museum Flyer for Lib Blog

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John Irwin appointed to PALCI ’s EZ Borrow Advisory Council

John Irwin, the Head of Access Services and an Assistant Professor at Seton Hall University Libraries, has been selected to fill one of the vacancies on the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium Inc. (PALCI)’s EZ Borrow Advisory Council.

PALCI membership consists of nearly 70 academic and research libraries (including Seton Hall University Libraries), private and public, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, and New York. Member institutions range from small liberal arts colleges to publicly funded universities to ARL institutions to the State Library of Pennsylvania. Libraries in PALCI have holdings in excess of 36 million volumes and a combined FTE of more than 500,000 students

During his term, which will run from November 2016 through June 2017, Professor Irwin will be advising on services and system enhancements to improve access to member collections.  Member libraries enjoy an active program of resource-sharing, cooperative purchasing, collaborative collection development, and professional engagement.

Congratulations John!


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Hand-painted ‘Welcome to SHU Libraries’ Sign Added to Walsh Library

Over the course of the last three and a half years, the library’s appearance and functionality have steadily been revised to provide among other things, a clearer sense of place. One recent change in this vein was the addition of a hand-painted sign above the circulation desk.  The new sign gives a robust welcome to students and other patrons of the library. It was painted by a young artist and hand sign-painter named Jon Bocksel.  Jon learned the arcane trade of hand sign-painting over several years as an apprentice to experts in hand-lettering from the time preceding digitally-produced signs.  In planning for a commission, he absorbs a large amount of visual information before embarking on the design process.  For the Seton Hall sign, he spent a morning on campus conferring with University Archivist Alan Delozier and took back many images to his studio. Alan had gathered yearbooks, insignia, and the Seton family’s as well as the University’s crest as a corpus of visual context for Jon on Seton Hall.  Alan also showed Jon two fascinating and little-known murals of SHU sports teams, located in the University Sports Center and painted in the 1940’s by a recognized fresco painter of Italian cathedrals, and immigrant to New Jersey, Gonippo Raggi (https://en.wikipedia.or/wiki/Gonippo_Raggi).

Jon’s final sign references the history of SHU publications as well as sports uniforms which, according to him, are often rich carriers of institutional self-expression in the form of typeface choices.  All in all, his sign sets off the entrance space to the library in an emphatic way that provides directness and warmth. Welcome to SHU Libraries!

Jon Bocksel Still 2-final


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Graduate Student Lounge Returns!

For the Spring 2016 Semester, the Curriculum Resource Center will once again become the Graduate Student Lounge (GSL) space. Starting Monday, January 11th for the first 11 weeks of the semester, the GSL will run Monday – Thursday, 4:30PM-7:30PM. The space features 2 hard-wired Mac computers, a digital projector and monitor, whiteboard and flexible group seating. The room will be staffed by trained graduate students who can provide basic information regarding resources on campus such as the ID process, course registration, parking, career services, PirateNet, IRB documents, and classroom locations.

In addition, ‘guest’  presenters from various areas, such as financial aid and library services, may participate at key points in the semester when those services are most needed. And of course the Library is always staffed with Reference librarians, Circulation staff, technology help, and specialized information consultation services which can be scheduled. This space provides support for the range of needs and issues that graduate students face: quiet space, group study space, research support, IT support, presentation practice/equipment, and an opportunity to connect with other graduate students.

Curriculum Resource Center / Graduate Student Lounge

Curriculum Resource Center / Graduate Student Lounge

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New Database Trial: British Periodicals

A trial of ProQuest’s database British Periodicals available to SHU students and faculty until December 18th.  This resource offers research materials across many disciplines including history, literature, political science, journalism and the arts.  The trial can be accessed here.

We welcome feedback from trial users.  Please send any comments to Sebastian Derry, Assistant Dean of Public Services at

From ProQuest:

This database provides access to the searchable full text of hundreds of periodicals from the late seventeenth century to the early twentieth, comprising millions of high-resolution facsimile page images. Topics covered include literature, philosophy, history, science, the social sciences, music, art, drama, archaeology and architecture.

Subject coverage

  • The Periodical Press
  • Victorian periodicals
  • Popular culture
  • Literary Journalism
  • Essays and Belles-Lettres
  • Illustrated Periodicals
  • Literary Criticism
  • Political Satire
  • Politics / Political Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Serial Fiction / Serialized Fiction / Serial novels / Serialized novels
  • Slavery and Anti-slavery movements
  • Temperance
  • Religion and Theology
  • Methodism
  • English Poetry
  • Book reviews
  • Science
  • Economics
  • Bibliography
  • Sport
  • English literature / English writing / English periodicals
  • Scottish literature / Scottish writing / Scottish periodicals
  • Irish literature / Irish writing / Irish periodicals
  • Women’s literature / Women’s writing
  • Theatre / Theater / Drama
  • Seventeenth-century literature / Seventeenth-century writing / Seventeenth-century periodicals
  • Eighteenth-century literature / Eighteenth-century writing / Eighteenth-century periodicals
  • Nineteenth-century literature / Nineteenth-century writing / Nineteenth-century periodicals
  • Twentieth-century literature / Twentieth-century writing / Twentieth-century periodicals
  • Advertisements
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Library Open 24 Hours

The library will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week starting on Sunday, November 29th at 12PM (noon), until Tuesday, December 22nd at 11PM.

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Group Study Rooms: 8-hr Time Limit During Finals

Policy from 8AM Sunday, November 22 through 11PM December 22, 2015:

We have had many complaints from students about Group Study Rooms being monopolized during Finals for 24, 36, or even 48 hours straight.  So we created this policy to set time limits on the use of Group Study Rooms during Finals, with fines in place for going over time. This new policy, successfully piloted in Spring 2015, ensures a turnover of the rooms so that more students have access to them.

How it works:

  • 2 Students present both their ID’s to get a room key.
  • Both students must return the key after 8 hours.
  • The late fee is $3.00 every 15 minutes ($12.00 per hour) for each student.
  • There is a 10-minute grace period for returning the key.

If Rooms are all Taken:

  • If all rooms are busy, sign up on the wait list with ID.
  • Both those students must be present to later claim the room.
  • Leave 2 phone numbers.
  • Staff will text when the room is free.
  • Student will have 15 minutes to claim the room.

Please note that our goal is not to collect more fine monies.  The goal is to distribute the rooms more widely for more students to use them during finals.

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Special Hours for Finals

Special Hours for Finals:

Library Hours, November 22-24, 2015

Starting on Sunday, November 22nd at 8AM, the library will be open 24 hours through Tuesday, November 24th and close at 12:00 AM (Midnight).

Thanksgiving Recess, November 25-28, 2015

The library will be closed Wednesday November 25th through Saturday November 28th.

Library Hours, November 29-December 22, 2015

The library will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week starting on Sunday, November 29th at 12PM (noon), until Tuesday, December 22nd at 11PM.

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Thompson Reuters’ Checkpoint Tax & Accounting Software

The University Libraries are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired a site license for Thompson Reuters’ Checkpoint Tax & Accounting Software.  While we did have a few individual licenses to this premium product in the past,  we are now able to broaden the access as a part of the Libraries’ on-going efforts to provide information resources to as many of our students and faculty as possible.    Checkpoint can be accessed here.  For off-campus access, you will be asked for your SHU credentials.

From Thompson Reuters:

Tax, accounting and finance professionals rely on Thomson Reuters Checkpoint, the revolutionary, easily-searchable online system, to get straight to their answers. Checkpoint blends cutting-edge technology, editorial insight, time-saving productivity tools, online learning and news updates with intelligent linking to related content and software. Thousands of tax and accounting professionals rely on Checkpoint every day to understand complex information, make informed decisions and use knowledge more efficiently.

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