Online Discussion: 2020 Election—The Impact of the Latino Vote

How deeply can the Latino population of the United States affect the 2020 Presidential election?

On Wednesday September 30 from 6p-7p Seton Hall University scholars explored trends, voting patterns and the current events cycle to analyze the impact the Latino vote will have in the 2020 Presidential election.

All were welcome to join the online discussion, featuring:

    • Dr. Matthew Hale (Moderator) Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science and Public Affairs, Seton Hall University
    • Dr. Patrick Fisher Associate Professor, Political Science, Seton Hall University
    • Maria del Cid-Kosso BA’15, Director, Office of Policy & Legislative Services, NJ Dept. of Health
    • Jonathan Castañeda BA ’11/MPA ’14, Municipal Administrator, Town of West New York

The event was held through Microsoft Teams and you can find a recording here.

“Targeting Top Terrorists” Book Talk with Bryan C. Price

Join us for a talk with the Buccino Leadership Institute’s founding Executive Director Bryan C. Price, Ph.D. as he discusses his new book:

Targeting Top Terrorists Book Cover

WHEN: Thursday, March 21, 2019
TIME: 4PM – 5:30PM
WHERE: Bethany Hall A [view campus map]

Free copies of the book for the first 15 students to arrive!

Please RSVP to Prof. Lisa DeLuca

Sponsored by:

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Upcoming Talk: Rediscovering Cham Heritage in Cambodia: Language, Script, and Community

#SHU_Libraries & The College of Arts and Sciences present a talk by Prof. Jorge López Cortina, of the Dept. of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures:

“Rediscovering Cham Heritage in Cambodia:
Language, Script, and Community”

When: Monday, March 19, 6-7p
Where: Walsh Library, 2nd floor Common Area


Prof. Jorge López Cortina, of the Dept. of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, will discuss the Cham Heritage Extension Program, a literacy project that ran between 2011 and 2017 and saw the first formal attempts to produce literacy materials for the Western Cham language and train instructors as advocates of Cham literacy to the wider community.

Initially envisioned as a small literacy project for a few villages, the program produced six textbooks and language guides, trained more than thirty Cham teachers, and served over 2,400 students. Most importantly, the program has expanded the scope of use of the written Cham language, producing not only textbooks, but children books, books of poetry, and a monthly general interest publication, Mukva, the first ever Cham language periodical. The program also established the Cham Language Advisory Committee, a body that watches over all these initiatives in order to ensure that the process of normalization of the Cham language is steered by the Cham community.

The Cham are a Muslim minority in Cambodia, an overwhelmingly Buddhist country. The Cham language belongs to the Austronesian family, which includes Tagalog, Malay and Hawai’ian, and is unrelated to Khmer, the majority language in Cambodia. Cham is the first Austronesian language documented, with texts going as far back as the 4th century CE. In spite of the rich history and literature of the Cham language, Cham literacy has been in decline for centuries, as Vietnam gained influence in the region and finally annexed the remains of the kingdom of Champa in 1832.

Prof. Jorge López Cortina is currently the director of the Spanish Program at Seton Hall University. Besides his involvement in Cham literacy projects, he has authored several texbooks in Spanish and coauthored the Khmer textbook used by the Peace Corps in Cambodia.

Peam Cheleang Girl
Peam Cheleang Girl

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Copyright Event: Cautionary Tales In Copyright

#SHU_Libraries presents “Cautionary Tales in Copyright”

Come and share exciting first-hand experiences in the complex world of copyright while sharing refreshments with your friends and colleagues.

Join Prof. Thomas Rondinella & Dr. Renee Robinson from the College of Communication & the Arts for this lively informal panel discussion.

Date: Monday, November 27th
Time: 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Walsh Library Common Area (2nd  Floor)


Renee Robinson, PhD, is a professor of Communication in the Center for Graduate Studies. Robinson’s research involves communication in mediated environments, instructional settings, and organizational contexts.  She publishes in the areas of communication instruction and pedagogy, workplace interactions, and mobile learning. 

Professor Thomas Rondinella is a film and video producer with his own company, Catfish Studios, and is the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students and Academic Affairs for the College of Communication and the Arts.

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Seton Hall University Libraries Launches Speaker’s Series “Critical Issues in Information and Education”

Please join us as we welcome guest speakers John Berry III (Editor-at-Large for Library Journal), and Seton Hall University professor Dr. Christopher Tienken for a lively discussion (with Q&A) on the topic of information and misinformation.

When: Wednesday, March 29th at noon-1:15PM.
Where: Seton Hall University Libraries – Walsh Library, 2nd floor Common Area
Please RSVP to:

During John Berry’s more than fifty years with Library Journal where he was Editor-in-Chief, he authored over 700 publications and maintained an active role in the American Library Association, spearheading many socially aware initiatives. He is a recipient of the Joseph W. Lippincott Award for distinguished service to librarianship.

Dr. Christopher Tienken has authored over 80 publications. His research interests include school reform issues such as standardization, the influence of curriculum quality on student outcomes, and the construct validity of high-stakes standardized tests as decision-making tools. He was was named the 2014 College of Education and Human Services Researcher of the Year, and was invited to be a member of the Professors of Curriculum organization in 2015.

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