Watch A Video of Our Inaugural Speaker’s Series

Seton Hall University Libraries Speaker’s Series
“Critical Issues in Information and Education”
Speakers John N. Berry and Dr. Christopher Tienken discuss
“Information and Misinformation”

Recorded March 29, 2017 @ Seton Hall University Libraries

About our Speakers:

During John Berry’s more than fifty years with Library Journal where he was Editor-in-Chief, he authored over 700 publications and maintained an active role in the American Library Association, spearheading many socially aware initiatives. He is a recipient of the Joseph W. Lippincott Award for distinguished service to librarianship.

Dr. Christopher Tienken has authored over 80 publications. His research interests include school reform issues such as standardization, the influence of curriculum quality on student outcomes, and the construct validity of high-stakes standardized tests as decision-making tools. He was was named the 2014 College of Education and Human Services Researcher of the Year, and was invited to be a member of the Professors of Curriculum organization in 2015.

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Chinese Speech Competition 2017

Liuqing Yang, Chinese Corner Project Assistant, has created a video clip of the recent Chinese Speech Competition held by Asian Studies Program at Seton Hall University on April 20, 2017.

Thirty-eight students took part in the competition from beginner to advanced levels. Every speech had its own characterisitcs. Prof. Dongdong Chen, Department Chair of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and Prof. Jeffrey Rice of Chinese Literature and Civilization and Director of Asian Studies, gave supportive remarks to the students. Everyone enjoyed the competition.

Chinese Speech Competition Participants
Chinese Speech Competition Participants

Watch highlights from the competition here.

The Chinese Corner (located on the 2nd floor of Walsh Library) is a unique collection of books and videos for learning Chinese language, history and culture. The collection is curated by Dr. Xue-Ming Bao, the library’s Electronic Resources Librarian & liaison to Asian Studies.

To learn more about Dr. Bao and The Chinese Corner, please visit here.

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Lisa Rose-Wiles Receives 2017 University Research Council Award

One of the library’s most distinguished faculty, Dr. Lisa Rose-Wiles, has just been named a recipient of one of the 2017 University Research Council Awards!

Dr. Rose-Wiles was honored alongside her colleague Dr. Cecilia Marzabadi (Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry) for their project titled “Are We Ignoring History? An Analysis of Citations in Recent Chemistry Articles”.

Photo of URC Award winners
Dr. Rose-Wiles is in the front row, 2nd from the right.

Congratulations Lisa (and Cecilia)!

Read the announcement with the complete list of award recipients, here.

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