New Acquisition: Library of Latin Texts

The University Libraries has recently acquired an important scholarly resource, the Library of Latin Texts. The Library contains texts from the beginning of Latin literature to the the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).

The Library of Latin Texts is a searchable full-text database of classical, patristic, medieval and neo-Latin writers. It includes:

  • Literature from Antiquity (Plautus, Terence, Caesar, Cicero, Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Titius-Livius, the Senecas, the two Plinys, Tacitus and Quintilian and others).
  • Literature from Patristic Authors (Ambrose, Augustine, Ausonius, Cassian, Cyprian, Gregory the Great, Jerome, Marius Victorinus, Novatian, Paulinus of Nola, Prudentius, Tertullian and others) It also contains non-Christian literature of that period (Ammianus Marcellinus, the Scriptores Historiae Augustae, Claudian, Macrobius and Martianus Cappella).
  • Literature from the Middle Ages (Anselm of Canterbury, Beatus de Liebana, Bernard of Clairvaux, William of St. Thierry, Sedulius Scottus, Thomas à Kempis, Thomas de Celano, the Sentences of Peter Lombard, the Rationale of Guilelmus Durandus and important works by Abelard, Bonaventure, Ramon Llull, Thomas Aquinas, William of Ockham and others).
  • Neo-Latin Literature (decrees from the modern ecumenical Church councils up to Vatican II and translations into Latin of important sixteenth-century works).

The Library of Latin Texts has two parts, Series A and Serllties B. According to the publisher, Series B “is drawn from the existing scholarly editions whereas the Library of Latin Texts – Series A benefits from the additional intensive research work undertaken by the Centre ‘Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium'”



Invitation to Codex Vaticanus Celebration at ICSST, Thursday, November 11, 2010

Invitation to Codex Vaticanus Celebration at ICSST

The Biblical Studies Department of
Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology
Invites You to Join Us in Celebration of the Arrival
of a Copy of One of the Oldest (4th c. A.D.) and
Most Magnificent Manuscripts of the Greek Bible at the Seminary Library:
The Codex Vaticanus

Thursday, November 11, 2010
3:45—5:00 p.m. Immaculate Conception Seminary
Msgr. James C. Turro Seminary Library
Lewis Hall
Seton Hall University

Featuring brief presentations on:
“Constantine’s Bible? An Introduction to the Codex Vaticanus”
by Rev. Christopher M. Ciccarino, S.S.L., S.T.D.
“What the Bible Really Says: Codex Vaticanus & Textual Criticism”
by Rev. Pablo T. Gadenz, S.S.L., S.T.D.
“The Lord’s Prayer According to the Codex Vaticanus”
by Gregory Y. Glazov, D.Phil. (Oxon.)

Please RSVP to
Kristine Hudak at
973-761-9633 or