OECD iLibrary trial

The library has obtained a trial of the Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development database.  If this is of interest to you, please visit the site and share your feedback.

OECD i-library is a global knowledge base for economic data and analysis containing books and papers published since 1998 – as well as a vast collection of statistics, with data going back to the early 1960s, covering more than 80 countrie.

Donation of the Sabo Collection

The Library is pleased to announce the donation by Joseph G. and Bean Corcoran of 432 books that belonged to George Sabo (1896-1983), a bibliophile and book dealer well known to scholars and librarians in the field of Slavic Studies. These titles comprise Orthodox and Uniate Scriptural and Liturgical texts and will add significantly to the holdings of the Seton Hall University Library. Another notable category is comprised of both Russian and Hungarian encyclopedic sets, a number of collectible illustrated books and commemorative books, principally French/Russian, Czech and Hungarian, Russian archaeographical sets and a small number of 1930s Soviet art and literary volumes. A number of the books bear provenance markings of Mount Athos and the pre-revolutionary Russian Winter Palace. The donation is valued at $23,000.