Podcast on Social Media, Religion, and Feminism – Dr. Ruth Tsuria

We are happy to announce the latest installment of the University Libraries podcast series entitled: Zet Forward. This podcast entitled: “Social Media, Religion, and Feminism with  Dr. Ruth Tsuria”

features an interview with Dr. Ruth Tsuria who collaborated with Dr. Heidi A. Campbell (Professor at Texas A&M University) on the edited work: Digital Religion, Understanding Religious Practice in Digital Media, 2nd ed. (Routledge, 2021)

Digital Religion, Understanding Religious Practice (Publishers Site)

Ruth Tsuria, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Communications at Seton Hall University and is a prolific author having published articles in various academic outlets, such as The International Journal of Communication, The Communication Review, and Social Media + Society along her book volumes.

Ruth Tsuria, Ph.D. – Faculty Profile

This podcast covers the work of Dr. Tsuria along her work to further scholarship and awareness of topics related to Communication, Social Media, and Feminism along with their varied intersections in a historical and contemporary context.

You can find this podcast at Podcast @ Seton Hall University.

Zet Forward is a podcast to celebrate authors and other individuals who are involved with projects for the benefit of Seton Hall University and the wider world.  The series began in February of 2022.