Podcast: Historical Scholarship on Brazil and Japan – Dr. Anne Giblin Gedacht & Dr. Kirsten Schultz

We are happy to announce the latest installment of the University Libraries podcast series entitled: Zet Forward. This podcast entitled: “Historical Scholarship on Brazil and Japan,” features an interview with Dr. Anne Giblin Gedacht and Dr. Kirsten Schultz from the Department of History, College of Arts & Sciences at Seton Hall University. Each discusses their respective research and writing process along with related perspectives on their recently published books.

Giblin, Anne Giblin. Tōhoku Unbounded: Regional Identity and the Mobile Subject in Prewar Japan. Brill, 2023.

Publication Website (Brill)

Schultz, Kirsten. From Conquest to Colony: Empire, Wealth, and Difference in Eighteenth-Century Brazil. Yale University Press, 2023.

Publication Website (Yale University Press)

Anne Giblin Gedacht, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of History at Seton Hall University has published in such academic centered journal articles as: Anne Giblin Gedacht, “The Girl from Wakamatsu: Narrative Afterlives of a Boshin War Refugee, 1868-2018,” Journal of Social History (Oxford University Press, Summer 2022): 1-24.  and Anne Giblin Gedacht, “Immobility through Motion: Historicizing Emigrant Regionalism in Japanese Proletarian Literature, 1929-1939,” Japan Studies Review vol. 26, (2022): 3-34, among other works of scholarship.

Dr. Anne Giblin Gedacht – Faculty Profile Page

Kirsten Schultz, Ph.D. is a Professor of History at Seton Hall University has published such titles and book chapters as: Atlantic Transformations and Brazil’s Imperial Independence,” In John Tutino, ed. New Countries: Capitalism, Revolutions, and Nations in the Americas, 1750-1870. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2016 and Tropical Versailles: Empire, Monarchy, and the Portuguese Royal Court in Rio de Janeiro 1808-1821. 
Routledge, 2001
along with various academic centered journal chapters.

Dr. Kirsten Schultz – Faculty Profile Page

This podcast covers the work of both Dr. Anne Giblin Gedacht and Dr. Kirsten Schultz who have furthered the accessibility knowledge and awareness of topics related to Brazil, Japan, and Historical Scholarship along with their varied intersections in a historical and contemporary context.

You can find this podcast at: Podcast @ Seton Hall University.

Zet Forward is a podcast to celebrate authors and other individuals who are involved with projects for the benefit of Seton Hall University and the wider world.  The series began in February of 2022.

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