Podcast: Seton Hall University. A History, 1856-2006 with Dermot Quinn, Ph.D.

We are happy to announce the latest installment of the University Libraries podcast series entitled: Zet Forward. This podcast entitled: “Seton Hall University. A History, 1856-2006,” with guest scholar Dr. Dermot Quinn.

This podcast features Professor of History, Dr. Dermot Quinn who has an extensive knowledge of Catholic, Irish-American, and University History has produced a volume honoring the multi-layered and significant aspects that have been a part of our educational institution over the last century plus.

As his publisher noted: “In this vivid and elegantly written history, Dermot Quinn examines how Seton Hall was able to develop as an institution while keeping faith with its founder’s vision. Looking at the men and women who made Seton Hall what it is today, he paints a compelling picture of a university that has enjoyed its share of triumphs but has also suffered tragedy and loss. He shows how it was established in an age of prejudice and transformed in the aftermath of war, while exploring how it negotiated between a distinctly Roman Catholic identity and a mission to include Americans of all faiths.

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You can find this podcast at: Podcast @ Seton Hall University.

Zet Forward is a podcast to celebrate authors and other individuals who are involved with projects for the benefit of Seton Hall University and the wider world.  The series began in February of 2022.

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