National Geography Day & University Libraries

On January 27th we celebrate the importance of National Geography Day. For instance, the study of topographic geography in particular aids with the discovery of places found not only within the United States, but also across the globe.

Learning about the proximity of specific locations for a certain purpose has been a timeless exercise among our research community. A thorough geographic investigation can include any number of resource types including the ever-popular atlas or map route. However, such information tools as textual descriptions, statistical data, and photographic documentation can also be used to enhance your overall search results.

The University Libraries provides access to thousands of resource tools that can aid with your search for geographical knowledge. A starter list of titles listed within our SetonCat holdings catalog and can be found via the following link. In addition, we have various Library Guides devoted to various areas of Geographical Diversity including a specific site devoted to Historical Cartography.

Need additional help through the University Libraries? You can book a research appointment here: Research Appointment Site.