Lexis Uni – An Introduction

Lexis Uni – An Introduction

The presence of Lexis Uni (formerly known as Lexis-Nexis Academic) within our offerings of specialized databases is an important resource for students and faculty who are especially interested in current news stories, legal summaries, corporate profiles, and related subject matter.

Lexis Uni Welcome Screen

As outlined on the LexisNexis administrative site, the mission inherent within this resource is to promote the need for continued: “diversity of thought” approach to the access and usage potential found within the content offered through this database. Working with the research community is an ongoing factor when it comes to updating and providing as high a quality information-centered tool as possible. The Lexus Uni site also delivers a global perspective that is a useful option for the general public and academic communities alike.

Here is the link to our Lexis Uni site: Lexis Uni Database Page – Seton Hall University Libraries

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