Librarians Win Prestigious Google Grant

Beth Bloom, Marta Deyrup, and Paul Fisher have been awarded a prestigious Google research grant of $15,000 to track undergraduate students’ information-seeking behavior at Seton Hall University. This builds on an earlier CDI grant that Bloom and Deyrup received from the TLTC last year. In the CDI grant the librarians used Open Hallway, an online-behavior recording tool, to examine what kinds of strategies students use while doing online research and the effect librarian intervention has on their students’ success in finding quality information. The Google grant allows the library to study a much larger population over a much longer period of time. The librarians hope that the knowledge they gain from this study will enhance the library’s Information Literacy program. Currently the librarians instruct more than 4000 students each year and are constantly expanding and developing this program to reflect changing trends in technology. For more information about the library’s Information Literacy program, please contact Beth Bloom at (973) 761-9000 ext.2035 and Marta Deyrup at (973) 761-9000 ext. 2223.