Group Study Rooms Now With Dry Erase Board Walls

#SHU_Libraries We are pleased to announce that a Student Government Association initiative to repaint 5 of our group study rooms with a blue accent wall and a dry erase board wall is now complete and the rooms are ready to use!

Photo of Dry Erase Board Wall

The 5 re-painted group study rooms are: #305, #307, #308, #311 & #312.

Our deep thanks to the Office of the Provost and Dr Karen Boroff who provided the funding for this project.

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New Circulation Policy for Group Study Rooms

Beginning first day of Spring Semester 2017 we will be changing the length of time that our group study rooms may be checked out:

**Group study rooms now are available for 6-hour check-out period only, throughout the semester.**

The old policy allowed for a group study room key to be checked out by a group on a given day, with the requirement that the key be returned by the library’s closing time that same day. The only time limit imposed was an 8-hour check-out time, during finals each semester.

This past semester there was unprecedented demand for and use of the group study rooms. Most weekdays all group study rooms were checked out and unavailable by 11:30am.

After surveying students to find out if changes were needed, the results came back, with students recommending a 6-hour limit for use, and so this is the change we are making.

This will hopefully result in greater room turnover and more students having use of the group study rooms.

This new policy goes into effect Monday, January 9th and can be viewed here

Any questions or concerns should be directed to:

Sebastian Derry
Assistant Dean for Public Services
Seton Hall University Libraries

Group Study Room Survey

In Walsh library, we have 27 Group Study Rooms spread out between the 3rd & 4th floors.

Group Study Room keys can be checked out by a group of students and must be returned by the end of the day (when the library closes). There is an 8-hour daily limit imposed on groups using study rooms during finals (when the library is open 24 hours) in both Fall and Spring semesters. Our complete group study room policy is here.

Due to heavy demand this semester, all group study rooms are claimed and in use by noon each weekday.

We would like to make more group study rooms available to more students, and are seeking student feedback with a brief survey.

Currently enrolled SHU students may take part in this survey by going here:

Thanks to all who participate!

Sebastian Derry
Assistant Dean for Public Services