More Information about the Wait List

Students who are on the Wait List received the following email this morning:

This fall, Seton Hall University will open its campus to the largest incoming class we have ever seen and the Department of Housing & Residence Life is very excited to have received a record number of housing applications for students wishing to live in our campus housing.

As of the time and date of this email, we have made room assignments to all students who met specific deadlines. For new students, we guarantee housing for the first 850 students who applied and paid their room deposit. This threshold was reached in early May. For returning students, the deadline was February 18th to participate in Room Selection. You are receiving this email because you are on a Wait List for a room assignment. This email contains important information about how our Wait List works and your standing on the Wait List

About our Wait List:
– Our Wait List is organized in two ways: First, by date of receipt of your housing application. Second, by the geographic distance from your home address to campus.
– There are 155 students on the Wait List.
– There are three Wait Lists: Wait List 1 is for students who applied for housing before June 1st. Wait List 2 is for students who applied for housing after June 1st. Wait List 3 is for students who live within what we deem to be a “commutable” distance.
– The Wait Lists are then organized by category based on the distance from your home to campus. Within each Wait List there are 8 categories:
Category 8 = International Students
Category 7 = West Coast/Rockies Region
Category 6 = SouthEast
Category 5 = MidWest
Category 4 = 4-6 hours away
Category 3 = 1 1/2-3 hours away
Category 2 = 1+ hour away/expensive commute Category 1 = Less than 1 hour away/commuteable distance

– We will begin housing students in Wait List 1, Category 8 then continue to Wait List 1, Category 7, Wait List 1, Category 6…and so on. Once all students from Wait List 1 are housed, we will repeat the categories with Wait List 2 and finish, if possible, with Wait List 3.
– In the past, we have had Wait Lists as high as 500 students and were able to accomodate everyone by the first day of class so please be patient while we process cancellations we are receiving daily and assign students from the Wait List as quickly as possible.
– You will receive weekly updates from us telling you what Wait List and Category we are now housing. Please note that not every category has students in it so it will move quickly between categories.
– If you wish to cancel your housing application, please complete the housing assignment cancellation form at this link: .
– As soon as you receive a room assignment, you will receive an email and/or phone call notifying you that you have been assigned.

According to our records you are on Wait List #, Category #. We are now housing students on Wait List 1, Category 8.

Again, we ask for your patience as we continue to work to accomodate as many students from Wait Lists 1 and 2 as possible. Wait List 3 will receive more information as the weeks go by. If you have any questions regarding the Wait List process, please contact us via email to

Thank you again for your patience, and for applying to live at Seton Hall University!


So everyone has received their room assignments and is so excited about who their roommate is. Well everyone except you, or so it seems. But have no fear, you aren’t the only one without an assignment right now. You are the biggest class we have has since 2010 and when we say big we mean BIG! We have had more than 1200 incoming freshman apply for housing, which is more than we have ever had.  We know that you are probably upset, anxious, nervous, and worried about what will happen between now and the beginning of the semester.  As of right now, anyone who has not yet been assigned a room is on a pending wait list but this does not mean that you will not get housing. The wait list is done by distance from home to campus which means that someone coming from California will get assigned a room before someone who is from New Jersey. Every time a student cancels his or her room we immediately fill that bed with the next person on the wait list. We get cancellations every day so the wait list is getting smaller and smaller every day. We want to make sure that you know that in the past five years we have always been able to clear our wait lists before the first day of classes and some of those wait lists had up to 500 names on them. We are pros at what we do but please, be patient with us. We are working diligently to get everyone into a bed because we want to make everyone happy and we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunities that come with living on campus. You will be getting an email in the next fews days regarding the wait list and all of the information that you need. Stick with us, everything will work out.

Don’t forget…Keep Calm and Pirate On!