Winter Break Housing Requests Now Open

The Winter Break application is now open, and will remain open until Monday, December 11th at noon. Below is a copy of the email that was just sent to residents:

All Residence Halls except for Boland Hall, Xavier Hall, Turrell Manor, and Ora Manor will close on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 at 10:00AM for Winter Break, and will re-open on Monday, January 15th at 2PM. Break Housing Applications will only be approved for those with extenuating circumstances. Break Housing is NOT GUARANTEED, and to be eligible for accommodation, you MUST follow the process and deadline schedule below, as NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

In order to be eligible for Break Housing, you MUST meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Live more than 6 hours away from the University.
  • Be an international resident.
  • Be an active in season athlete.
  • Have a university work commitment.


If eligible for Break Housing, your break housing options are:

  • You currently reside in one of the open residence halls.
  • You have a friend, (of the same gender), who resides in one of the open residence halls and agrees to let you temporarily stay in their housing assignment during the break.
    • Please be aware that you are responsible for any damages that occur in the housing assignment during your stay.
    • It is YOUR responsibility to both receive and safely return the key to your friend.
    • There is a maximum of two break housing students per room.

How to Apply for Break Housing:

  • Where to apply:
    • Log onto PirateNet
    • Navigate to your Housing Profile under “Profile and Finances”
    • Click on “Access Housing Profile”.
    • The Break Housing Application can be found at the top of your Housing Profile under the “Application” tab, located in the black bar on the top page.
  • Who may apply: Students who meet the above criteria and have exhausted all other alternatives.
  • Who needs approval: Break Housing Applicants must receive approval from HRL Staff prior to break via email. If you do not reside in one of the halls which will remain open, it is YOUR responsibility to find a friend of the same gender who will allow you to use their room. If you are denied Break Housing, you must vacate when the residence halls close.

Break Housing Due Dates:

  • Tuesday, November 28th: Break Housing Application becomes available via your Housing Profile on PirateNet.
  • Monday, December 11th at 12PM: Break Housing Application will close. No late submissions will be accepted!
  • Tuesday, December 12th: Break Housing Applicants will be notified of approval status via email.
  • Wednesday, December 20th at 10AM: All halls (except Boland, Xavier, Ora, and Turrell) close for Winter break.  All students NOT approved, must vacate!
  • Monday, January 15th, 2018 at 2PM: Halls re-open. Dinner will be the first meal served.

Break Housing is NOT GUARANTEED. Please consider these back-up options prior to applying:

  • Find a friend to stay within the local area
  • Look up hotels to stay at in the area (if we are unable to accommodate you)
  • Find alternate modes of transportation
  • Carpool with others (you can post ride requests on your Facebook page)
  • Meet family halfway

Please be mindful that the SHU Fly and SAFE RIDE will NOT be operational during the break. During Thanksgiving Break, on campus dining options will be limited.

If you have any questions about Break Housing, please email, or contact your Residence Hall Director.

Finish the Semester Strong!

Spring Billing for Housing and Meal Plans

For students returning to housing for the Spring 2018 semester, bills will be sent out on Friday, December 2nd and are due on Thursday, December 21st.

payment-dueOnly registered students will be billed for housing and meal plans.  If you are not registered by Winter Break, which begins on December 20th, you must pack up your items and move out.  Your housing assignment will be cancelled and you will not be billed for housing for Spring 2018.

What happens to meal plans from the Fall to Spring Semester?

If you’re on a meal plan during Fall 2017 and are registered to return for the Spring 2018 semester, your meal plan will automatically roll over to your account for use in the Spring.

Meal plan changes will open the week of December 1st and will continue through the last day of add/drop on January 26th.

Any unused Pirate Bucks will transfer to your Spring meal plan.

Commuters: this applies to you, too! If you do not wish to rollover your meal plan, please contact our office at 973-761-9172 so we may remove it from your account.

You can lose your housing assignment if you’re not registered for classes for Spring 2018

Just a reminder that spring registration is coming soon. According to the Housing License Agreement you agreed to when you applied to housing, you MUST be registered as a full-time student (12 or more credits unless graduating, student teaching, or participating in a clinical/internship) to reside in University housing.  Failure to register for Spring by the end of the Fall semester will result in your housing assignment being cancelled AND given away to a new, registered, student.  

The first step to registering is to take care of any holds you may have and to clear any balance on your student account.  You’ll need to meet with your advisor for a PIN and then you can sign up for classes.

If you do not plan to return for the Spring semester, please complete the Release of Housing License Request form.  

Stay tuned to your SHU email and PirateNet for more details on how and when to register for Spring 2018!

Meet Teresa and Ryan, November’s Featured RA’s!

Monthly, Housing and Residence Life is taking the time to get to know some of the Resident Assistants (RA’s) on staff and share these profiles with you.  RA’s are student leaders who live in the residence halls to build community, offer programs, serve as a resource to students, and address any issues students experience.


This month, we meet Teresa Holl, a  Sophomore “Jersey Girl” from Jackson who works as an RA in Ora Manor, our University-owned apartment complex on Valley Street.  Teresa’s path to being a Resident Assistant wasn’t always clear, as she had considered transferring after a short while at Seton Hall.  However, she credits her freshman year RA, Heather Kwityn, for connecting her to SHU and motivating Teresa to pursue a position with Housing and Residence Life.  A Nursing major, Teresa saw the RA position as a chance to continue her leadership experience from high school.  Teresa loves bringing her organizational skills to her small staff and works to fight the stigma associated with being an RA off campus.  She values having her own living space and the ability to build more mature relationships with her residents and co-workers.  Teresa speaks happily about integrating her Filipino culture into her community, hosting a program where her aunt and uncle provided Filipino food from their restaurant.  If you’re interested in becoming an RA, Teresa encourages you to go for it and be yourself!

Next up is Ryan Johnson, a first-year RA from the first floor in Boland Hall.  An undecided Sophomore business major, Ryan prides himself on his involvement with the Martin Luther King Student Association and the Multicultural Advisory Committee.  If you ever need to find Ryan, he says he is most likely hanging out in the Boland Lobby getting to know a new resident he hasn’t met before.  Ryan recalls wanting to be an RA as early as his Junior year of high school when he was brainstorming with his aunt about ways he could afford college.  Although Ryan appreciates the financial benefits of the position, he believes the bigger payout is the leadership experience and the community he gets to be a part of in Boland Hall.  Originally placed on the alternate roster, Ryan encourages anyone who is placed as an alternate to accept the position because you never know what could happen.  Ryan’s tips for interested in becoming a Resident Assistant?  Like Teresa, he says to be yourself throughout the entire selection process.  He also wants to make sure that his future colleagues know what they are signing up for, so understand all the job entails and make sure you can be 100% committed to all aspects of the position.

Housing and Residence Life is hosting four more information sessions throughout December and January for students interested in learning more about the RA position!  Check out our previous blog post about RA selection to get those dates.

Become a Resident Assistant for 2018-2019!

Housing and Residence Life is hosting 5 more Information Sessions for students interested in becoming Resident Assistants for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Resident Assistants are student leaders who live in the residence halls to support the students on their floor and throughout the building.  They offer programs to students to keep them engaged at Seton Hall.  They serve on an overnight and weekend duty rotation to be available to students who need assistance or to address potential policy violations.  RAs are supervised by the live-in professional staff (RHDs and RCs) and are provided supervision and professional development throughout the year.

Housing and Residence Life anticipates approximately 25 vacancies on our 62 member staff.

Resident Assistants receive free room and board and free training as compensation for the position.

If a student is interested, they should attend 1 of the 5 remaining information sessions listed below.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Assistant Director Eric Mochnacz at or Residence Coordinator Shamil Henriquez at

Thanksgiving Break Housing Module is now Closed

The Thanksgiving Break Housing Request Form is now closed.  If you did not register for break housing, you must plan to leave your room for the duration of Thanksgiving break as your ID will not work to let you into our residence halls.

If you did not register by accident and require break housing, please contact HRL at 973-761-9172.

Coming Back from Abroad? Want to move on campus for Spring 2018?

We hope you had a great Fall Semester wherever you were! HRL has vacancies available for Spring 2018 and is happy to accommodate you in one of our spaces on campus.

Whether you’re returning from abroad, transferring to SHU, or just changed your mind about commuting, we have housing for you!

To apply, pay the new student housing deposit and complete a Housing Application Roommate Survey on your Housing Profile on PirateNet.

We’ll be working throughout the month of December and into January to make assignments for new residents. Once we assign you, we’ll give you a call or send you an email.

The residence halls will open at 2pm on Monday, January 15th.

Thanksgiving Break Housing

Residence Halls will close at 10am on Wednesday, November 22nd for Thanksgiving Break and will reopen on Sunday, November 26th at 2pm.  For those students who will not be leaving for Thanksgiving break due to work obligations, athletic competitions, or the distance being too far, Boland, Xavier, Ora, and Turrell are available for break housing.

Students who need break housing must apply for break housing through the application in their housing profile which will be available November 1st-November 15th at noon. If you do not live in Boland, Xavier, Turrell, or Ora, you must find a friend who will allow you to use their room during break.   Approvals for break housing will be sent via email by November 16th.

If you’re staying in a friend’s room for the break, it is your responsibility to get their key from them before they leave for break. Remember: break housing is a privilege and you are responsible for any damage or theft that occurs from your break housing room during the duration of your stay.

Please keep in mind that SHUFly Shuttle and SAFERide will not operate during break and that campus dining options will be limited.

If you are leaving for Thanksgiving break, please unplug everything, close your window shades, remember to pack everything you’ll need for the break (including medications and homework materials), and plan to be out of your room no later than 10am on Wednesday, November 22nd.  We look forward to welcoming you back to campus on Sunday the 26th at 2pm.

Happy, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving to all of our Pirates! Safe travels to and from campus!