Room Selection 2013-2014 – Important Dates!

The following email was just sent to all students who qualify for returning Room Selection for 2013-2014:

Congratulations on qualifying for Room Selection 2013-2014! Your Room Selection lottery times can be found on your Housing Profile on PirateNet.

 Attached to this email is a step-by-step instruction guide on how Room Selection works. Please look it over carefully and get ready to pick your room.  HRL will post updates on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (Follow us @SetonHallHRL). 

 The official period of Room Selection begins tomorrow with Aquinas Hall Upperclassmen Room Selection.  Below is a table of important Room Selection Dates & Times.

Upperclass students qualified for Room Selection:

Click here for a step-by-step guide for selecting a room online for 2013-2014: Online Room Selection Instructions – 2013

Click here for important Room Selection dates and times: Room Lottery Times

Day 1 of Room Selection = Pretty Good If We May Say So Ourselves

Day 1 of Room Selection is now complete. Today’s lottery was for students who were eligible to retain their current room assignments (28 Priority Points or more) and pull-in an eligible roommate (25 Priority Points or more.) If you were supposed to retain your room today but missed your time, don’t worry. You can log in tomorrow (Tuesday) from 10am-4pm and still do so as long as your room is available.

Students who do not wish to retain their room are eligible for the Open Room Selection Lottery this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You may have noticed that your Open Room Selection lottery times disappeared from your Housing Profile. Don’t worry, they didn’t vanish completely. We had to hide the Open Room Selection lottery in order to make today’s Room Selection a success. You’ll see them appear once again on Tuesday evening.

Got questions during our lottery times? We’ve got a helpful AIM screenname staffed by a real, live person (Josh) to help you out. Buddy list him at HallHousingHelp.

Lost the Room Selection instructions email? Find it at our blog here.

If you’ve put in an application and a room deposit but have changed your mind about living here, give up your spot so that a friend can stay off the wait list. Fill out the Cancellation form available here.

Online Room Selection = EASY!

Room Selection has been moved online for the 2009-2010 academic year and it’s as easy as buying concert tickets online.  Check out these two videos to see what we mean:

We’ll be sending out instructions to students who are eligible to participate in Room Selection soon so check your email. 

Room Selection will be held during the week of April 20th.