Welcome, new Pirates!

We are happy to welcome our new incoming freshmen and transfer students, or those returning back from study abroad,  into their Home at The Hall.

Assignments are being made continually through December and into the first week of January for any new deposits and housing applicabluer-keytions we receive.  We’ll send you an email with your new room assignment and roommate information but you can also view this information on your Housing Profile on PirateNet.

For students attending orientation, we will have your room keys available on Friday, January 6th from 9am-12pm in the Housing office in Duffy Hall.  If you do not wish to move in early, you may pick up your key at your residence hall on Sunday, January 8th after 2pm.


Residence Halls are now closed


The residence halls closed at 10am today for Winter Break.  If you didn’t register for break housing, you should be on your way home or to wherever you are going to spend break by now.  Our halls will reopen on Sunday, January 8th at 2pm.  Enjoy your break, Pirates!

Clean up, clean up, everyone, everywhere!


As we wrap up the fall semester, HRL would like to remind residents to clean up their rooms. If your roommate isn’t coming back to housing next semester, it is important that you clean up your side of the room, as you could be getting a new roommate! Remember, HRL reserves the right to reassign Residents during the semester in order to consolidate vacant spaces and to increase room occupancy.

Help us welcome our new students’ home at the Hall! Please put all of your belongings on your side of the room, clean up the bathroom, and if you feel so inclined, write them a welcome note! If you have any questions, please see your RA or in Hall Staff!!

1.8 GPA policy and procedures

Resident students who wish to remain in Housing must maintain a GPA requirement of at least a 1.8.In the Spring Semester, if a student’s  GPA falls under this requirement, that student will meet with a  member of the HRL staff to discuss ways to improve their GPA, as well as resources on campus. Before the end of the meeting, the HRL staff member will schedule a follow up meeting to ensure success!


If you are concerned about your GPA or would like some tutoring here is the link to the Academic Resource Center: https://www13.shu.edu/offices/arc/index.cfm


Preparing for Finals!

To help students better prepare for Finals, Housing and Residence Life is proud to support The Academic Resource Center’s SHU-Tutopia.

On December 14th (Reading Day), from 3 pm to 6 pm in the University Center Main Lounge, tutors will be available for all students to help them prepare for finals.

Starting on Reading Day and lasting until the last day of finals, in the residence halls, HRL staff asks that students maintain 24 hour quiet hours.  This is to create an environment conducive to studying and academic success.  RAs and professional staff will be diligently enforcing this policy.

Resident students are encouraged to utilize the numerous study spaces available in the residence halls to better help you prepare for your final exams, projects and papers.

Housing and Residence Life wishes all students best of luck on finals!


Christmas at the Hall

It’s the most wonderful time of the year here at Seton Hall University! Tonight at 5:45pm, Seton Hall community members will come together for caroling, hot chocolate and of course The Annual Tree Lighting event! Seton Hall has been listed as having one of the best Christmas celebrations in NJ! Check out this article and see for yourself:  http://tinyurl.com/z8x8qvc. Also that tonight’s event, DOVE will be collecting toys for their annual toy drive, if you bring a toy or a non-perishable food item you will receive a gift! The giving continues throughout the month with Seton Hall’s 12 Acts of Kindness, will you take on the challenge?? http://tinyurl.com/zkwr3nc




Spring Bills – Due December 22nd

For students returning to housing for the Spring 2017 semester, bills will be sent out on Friday, December 2nd and are due on Thursday, December 22nd.

payment-dueOnly registered students will be billed for housing and meal plans.  If you are not registered by Winter Break, which begins on December 22nd, you must pack up your items and move out.  Your housing assignment will be cancelled and you will not be billed for housing for Spring 2017.