Room Selection Instructions


Room Selection Instructions have just been sent to the 1225 students who qualified to be a part of Room Selection for 2017-2018. Be sure to check your SHU email and read this helpful Powerpoint before the lotteries start next week.

Best wishes for a successful Room Selection process!


Room Selection 2017 Online Room Selection Instructions – 2017final

Priority Points and Priority Point Appeals

A student’s outcome in Room Selection is largely based upon the number of Priority Points they earn. Priority Points are earned in four categories:

GPA Priority Points  
3.75-4.0 10  
3.50-3.74 9  
3.25-3.49 8  
3.0-3.24 7  
2.75-2.99 6  
2.50-2.74 5  
2.25-2.49 4  
2.00-2.24 3  
1.80-1.99 2  
Less than 1.80 1  
Judicial Status Priority Points
No record 10
Disc. Reprimand 9
1+ Disc. Rep 8
Probation I – 1 sem 6
Probation I – 1 year 4
Probation II 1
Suspension 0
Expulsion 0


Campus Involvement
Activity Priority Points
Club/Org Exec Board up to 5
High Involvement up to 4
Average Involvement up to 3
Low Involvement up to 2
Level of involvement determined by Exec Board of reporting club. Club must submit their roster by Feb. 28th for you to get credit.
Intramurals up to 2
On-Campus Employment – 1 semester 1
On-Campus Employment – 2 semesters 2
Athletic Event Attendance up to 2


Res Hall Citizenship
Activity Priority Points
Program Attendance 1-8
Based on avg # of programs attend by hallmates.
Hall Council and Citizenship 1-2
Based on participation in Hall Council & demonstrating model citizenship


Students who qualified for Room Selection received their Priority Point totals via SHU email on Thursday, March 16th.  Any student wishing to appeal their Priority Point total must do so by 11:59pm on Sunday, March 19th.  To allow ample time for considering your appeal, please allow 2 business days from the date of your email for a response.

Sign up for Easter Break Housing

Residence Halls will close at 10am on Thursday, April 13th for Easter
Break and will reopen on Monday, April 17th at 2pm
.  For those students who will not be leaving for Easter Break due to work obligations, athletic competitions, or the distance being too far, Boland, Xavier, Ora, and Turrell are available for break housing.

Students who need break housing must apply for break housing through the application in their housing profile which will be available March 20th – March 27th. If you do not live in Boland, Xavier, Turrell, or Ora, you must find a friend who will allow you to use their room during break.   Approvals for break housing will be sent via email by March 28th.

If you’re staying in a friend’s room for the break, it is your responsibility to get their key from them before they leave for break. Remember: break housing is a privilege and you are responsible for any damage or theft that occurs from your break housing room during the duration of your stay.

Please keep in mind that SHUFly Shuttle and SAFERide will not operate during break and that campus dining options will be limited. We will also experience a power plant shut down on Thursday, April 13th for most of the day so the campus residence halls will have no electricity besides emergency lighting.

If you are leaving for Easter break, please unplug everything, close your window shades, remember to pack everything you’ll need for the break (including medications and homework materials), and plan to be out of your room no later than 10am on Thursday, April 13th.  We look forward to welcoming you back to campus on Monday, April 17th at 2pm.

Wishing you a relaxing and safe Easter Break!

Xavier Hall Profile

Xavier Hall is a seven story building that houses approximately 500 upperclass students. The building is divided into two sections; the Tri-Level on floors 1-3 and the Tower on floors 2-7.

The majority of rooms in Xavier are doubles, with one double occupancy room being connected to another double occupancy room by a shared bathroom.  There are limited amount of triple occupancy rooms in the Tower, each with a private bathroom.

Xavier Hall can host up to 6 Priests in Residence, a pastoral resource created to help residents connect with the Catholic mission at home.  Xavier Hall also hosts the Sophomore Discovery Program (SDP) on the third floor.  SDP is available to rising Sophomores who apply for focused and specialized programming that will connect them to the campus experience they had during their first year.

There are 12 Resident Assistants in Xavier Hall.

Complex Profile – Cabrini, Neumann and Serra Halls

The Complex, made up of Cabrini, Neumann and Serra Halls, are three suite-style buildings designated for upperclassmen in room selection.

The Complex houses approximately 550 upperclass students.  Cabrini Hall has 5 floors while Neumann and Serra have 3.

The occupancy of the suites in the Complex vary, but this is a general break down of the style of suites available during room selection –

  • 7 person suites, made up of two double occupancy rooms, one triple occupancy room and a suite area.  The triple occupancy room is either a standard triple or an economy triple.  Standard triples come with three sets of furniture for all students.  Economy triples house three students, with a reduced housing rate for all occupants because the room does not have a third wardrobe.  The majority of economy triples in the Complex were provided updated, space-efficient furniture in the Summer of 2016.
  • 4 person suites, made up of two double occupancy rooms and a suite area.

The halls in the Complex have common areas on each floor for students to use as well as designated study spaces in all three buildings.  There are 11 Resident Assistants assigned to the Complex, one for each floor in each building.

Boland Hall Profile

Home to 716 first year students, Boland Hall is the largest residence hall on campus. Boland Hall is divided into two halves: North Boland and South Boland. North Boland rooms are suite style rooms, where four people share a bathroom. North Boland also houses the “Bridge Triples”. These rooms are in the bridge of the building and suites consist of 2 rooms of three students. Every floor in Boland North has a lounge. South Boland is corridor style rooms, where the entire floor shares a very large bathroom. Roughly 30% of the rooms in Boland Hall are triples or quads. Boland Hall is also the home of the beach-style volleyball court and the Pirate Cellar, two of the most popular programming spaces on campus. Boland Hall has 19 resident assistants, 2 Priests In Residence, 2 professional staff members, as well.

Aquinas Hall Profile

Home to 497 of Seton Hall’s finest, Aquinas Hall is one of buildings that holds first year students, transfers and the occasional upper class students. Aquinas Hall has all suite style rooms, so anywhere from 4-6 same gendered students will share one bathroom. Currently there are 13 resident assistants, and 2 professional staff members who work and live in the building. The front desk of Aquinas Hall is open and operated 24 hours a day by either a student desk assistant or a Securitas Public Safety officer. Aquinas Hall as three lounges on each floor and was newly renovated three years ago. Aquinas Hall has a strong community and does three or four major all hall programs a year. AQ has two elevators and is color coded into green, yellow or blue wings to help students and visitors alike maneuver around the building. AQ also houses Saint Paul’s Outreach and FOCUS missionaries.

How to Have a Happy and Safe Spring Break

Housing and Residence Life would like to wish you a safe and happy Spring Break!! Here are some tips that are recommended by the CDC:

  1. Limit Alcohol
  2. Be active
  3. Plan a successful trip
  4. Protect yourself
  5. Watch your step
  6. Protect your eyes
  7. Know the ropes
  8. Protect yourself from the sun
  9. Eat healthy
  10. Be smoke-free
  11. Get help