Today’s the last day to change your meal plan

With the end of Add/Drop also comes the end of meal plan changes today. We will be here in 68 Duffy Hall to assist you with any meal plan changes until 6pm tonight.

After today, you are no longer allowed to change your meal plan. You are always welcome to supersize your meal plan by adding Pirate Bucks. Pirate Bucks are a terrific deal because for every $100 you spend, you get 15 more Pirate Bucks (so if you purchase $100 worth of Pirate Bucks, you actually get 115!)

Meal plans will again be able to be changed at the beginning of the Spring semester.

Bon Appetit!

Technical difficulties are fixed! Sign up for early arrival housing! Change your Meal Plan!

Our apologies for the difficulty with the Housing Profile. We just upgraded and as we all know it’s not always as easy as just inserting a cd and downloading a file.

The Housing Profile is now accepting early arrival requests and meal plan changes.

The deadline for early arrival requests has been extended until Monday, August 17th.

Meal Plan changes will be active until 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 8th.