Think there is nothing to do? THINK FIRST FORTY DAYS!

One of the biggest urban legends at the Hall is that there is nothing going on on campus. Not true! Housing and Residence Life is happy to debunk the myth and share our 2009 First Forty Days calendar. We’ve been busy all summer setting up programs and collaborating with Athletics, SAB, SGA and vendors of all kinds to offer all resident students tremendous opportunitys to get connected in the first six weeks! Check out the complete calendar and jump start your priority points for the year.


2009 -2010 Fire Safety Booklet ready for your reading

As you likely know, fire safety is a very important part of life in the residence halls at Seton Hall. Each year we review our policies and update our Fire Safety Booklet. This is a valuable resource for you as a resident student to have and to know. Not only is it a policy document, it also provides information for keeping yourself, your stuff and your friends safe and prepared on campus.

When you move in, your residence hall staff will give you a hard copy of the booklet but you can always check it out online at any time!

Is your account cleared?

We are getting closer to move in days! (Thursday August 27 for freshmen and Friday August 28 for upperclassmen) If you want to move in without a hassle, please check your Pirate Net student account to see if you have any holds or balance due.

Holds can be for a variety of reasons … like a balance due, a missing piece of financial aid paperwork or maybe you need to put your John Hancock on loan paperwork.

Wondering what will happen if you wait too late? Since bills were to due on August 3rd, if your account isn’t cleared you won’t have immediate access to great parts of the residence experience – like Rec Center access or visitation between residence halls or have your meal plan activated.

For more info check out the Bursar Office page on how to take care of your account before you arrive! Avoid lines on move in day!

Mailroom will be open for your shipping convenience

To the University Community:

During the weekend of Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, August 30, mail services will be open for shipping and receiving to help accommodate student move in activities. Hours of operation will remain open from 10am – 3pm and return to their regular hours of service on Monday, August 31 from 8:45am – 4:45pm (Mon. thru Fri.).

The Student Mailroom and Main Mailroom operations are located in the lower level of Mooney Hall. If you have an urgent issue, you may contact the mailroom directly at ext. 5005.

Thank you.

Dan Taylor

Director of Business Affairs

ext. 9746

Technical difficulties are fixed! Sign up for early arrival housing! Change your Meal Plan!

Our apologies for the difficulty with the Housing Profile. We just upgraded and as we all know it’s not always as easy as just inserting a cd and downloading a file.

The Housing Profile is now accepting early arrival requests and meal plan changes.

The deadline for early arrival requests has been extended until Monday, August 17th.

Meal Plan changes will be active until 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 8th.