Coming Back from Abroad? Want to move on campus for Spring 2018?

We hope you had a great Fall Semester wherever you were! HRL has vacancies available for Spring 2018 and is happy to accommodate you in one of our spaces on campus.

Whether you’re returning from abroad, transferring to SHU, or just changed your mind about commuting, we have housing for you!

To apply, pay the new student housing deposit and complete a Housing Application Roommate Survey on your Housing Profile on PirateNet.

We’ll be working throughout the month of December and into January to make assignments for new residents. Once we assign you, we’ll give you a call or send you an email.

The residence halls will open at 2pm on Monday, January 15th.

Spend your Summer in Sunny South Orange – Summer Housing Applications Now Available!

If you’re taking summer classes or have a University-affiliated job or internship, you’re welcome to sign up for Summer Housing.

Summer Housing will be assigned in South Boland Hall this year.  Students who wish to apply for summer housing may do so through the Summer Housing Application under the applications tab on their Housing Profile on PirateNet. There is no housing deposit required.

Summer room assignments are made “hotel style” meaning that room assignments will be made at the time of check in. Students wishing to be roommates should plan to check in together.

Summer 2017 Housing Rates

Registration time, Pirates!

As per our Housing License Agreement (that long document you agree to before you complete the Roommate Survey/Housing Application), you must be registered as a full-time student (which means 12 or more credits) unless you are graduating next semester to live in housing.

In other words, if you’re not signed up for classes for Fall 2017, you cannot select a room during Room Selection, no matter how many Priority Points you’ve accumulated. 

Check out the Seton Hall University registration schedule here and do everything you can to get registered for Fall 2017 before it’s time for you to pick a room.

Housing Applications for Returning Students are due February 28th!

The Housing Application and Housing Deposit link is now open for returning students wishing to apply to participate in Room Selection for the 2017-2018 academic year.  The deposit and application are due by February 28th. Both can be found on their housing profile or at the link below:

The housing deposit for returning students is $325 and is non-refundable.  Students who are full scholarship athletes, EOP/Pre-med/Pre-dent, or Clare Booth Luce scholars have their deposit waived BUT must still submit a housing application.   We will only accept 1200 students to participate in Room Selection for next year.

Students are also invited to apply for the Sophomore Discovery Program in Xavier Hall or the Turrell Manor Servant Leadership & Academic Excellence Program in Turrell Manor.

Those applications are open as well and can be found respectively:

All students wishing to have their Priority Points calculated and select a room for next year MUST deposit and apply by February 28th.  No exceptions can be made as we have set this date to allow for the processing of out of state deposits as well as calculation of Priority Points.

Students will receive their Priority Points the week of March 15th and will begin selecting rooms in April.

Students will be updated about the Room Selection process through their SHU email throughout the course of the upcoming weeks.

Commuters are welcome, too

If you’re a commuter and want the ability to visit your resident friends between day classes to hang out or collaborate on group projects, SGA and HRL have teamed up with a solution: Commuter Hall Access Privileges.

Commuters who wish to apply for Commuter Hall Access Privileges can complete an application on PirateNet under the Housing Profile (found on the Profile and Finances tab.)

Commuters wishing to have these privileges must agree to the following parameters:

  • provide accurate emergency contact information on the following screens.
  • re-enroll each semester to continue Commuter Hall Access Privileges.
  • leave my SHU ID card at the front desk of the building they are visiting
  • regularly check my SHU Email for any potential updates regarding this privilege.
  • maintain a clear balance on my SHU Account.
  • abide by the hours (9:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri) of this Access Privilege.

There is no charge for this privilege but students found in violation of any of the above will result in loss of the privilege for remainder of year.  Violation of any University or HRL policies, while in the residence hall, will be treated under community standards process.


Room Selection 2013-2014

The Department of Housing and Residence Life at Seton Hall University wants you to know the 2013-2014 Room Selection process, today, February 1st, 2013.  Students who wish to return to housing may submit their $325 non-refundable room reservation deposit and complete the housing application.  These are the first steps in the Room Selection process.  Students must meet all deadlines and complete all necessary steps in the process to be eligible to participate in room selection which begins the week of April 1st, 2013.

This is an exciting time for your student and we are sharing this information with family members, since you are our partner.  Spaces are limited and demand for housing has been greater in the last several years.  Should demand for 2013-2014 exceed available spaces, students who deposit and apply on time will be placed on the Housing Wait List in lottery number order and placed before students who deposit late.  Any student who deposits after the deadline (February 28th, 2013) will be placed on the Wait List and be assigned as spaces become available. Wait List assignments are based on distance of home address from campus and date of deposit received.

Below is a brief informational checklist for Room Selection 2013-2014. We will send more information directly to students’ SHU Email accounts throughout this process and highlight Room Selection.  To keep in the loop, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at SetonHallHRL.

‡            RESOLVE BALANCE – Prior to February 28th:  Make sure all balances are cleared and there are no holds on the student’s account.  If there is a balance on the account, the student will not be permitted to apply for housing. Students can check their hold status on Banner Self-Service.

‡            SUBMIT $325 ROOM RESERVATION DEPOSIT – February 1st-28th: A room deposit of $325 is required and may be paid online 24 hours a day or in person in the Bursar’s office in Bayley Hall during business hours.  Students who wish to be a part of the Room Selection process must submit their room reservation deposit no later than 11:59pm on February 28th, 2013.  Please note: All credit card and electronic check payments must be made online through the “Pay Your Housing Deposit” link on the Housing & Residence Life website ( Seton Hall University will accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

  • Students who submit a room deposit on time and complete a housing application, will have their Priority Points calculated and be given a lottery number (Priority Points is the values-based system that Housing & Residence Life uses to determine lottery order for the room selection process.)
  • Students who submit a room deposit late (after 11:59pm on February, 28th, 2013) will not have Priority Points calculated, will be ineligible to participate in the Room Selection process and will be depositing to our Housing Wait List. 

‡            COMPLETE HOUSING APPLICATION – February 1st-28th: After submitting the Room Reservation Deposit, students complete the Housing Application online.  Students who apply during this time frame will have their Priority Points calculated and be eligible to participate in the Room Selection process.  As noted above, students whose deposits and applications are received after 11:59pm on February 28th will be placed on the Housing Wait List and will be assigned when a room becomes available based on distance of home address from campus and date of deposit received. Please note: students who have a balance or registration hold on their account will not be permitted to complete a housing application until their account is cleared.

  • Submission of the Housing Application means the student acknowledges and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions listed in the Housing License Agreement.  This year’s License can be viewed on

‡            SELECT ROOM ASSIGNMENT – Beginning April 1st:  Students will participate in an Online Room Selection process to select their rooms for the 2013-2014 academic year.  We will send more information directly to eligible students on how the process moves forward, including specific dates for living learning communities such as Sophomore Discovery Program and Turrell Manor Servant Leadership, throughout the spring semester.

After students submit their housing deposits and applications, we are encouraging them to begin conversations with their peers about potential roommates and housing arrangements. We believe families are also an important part of this conversation.  Different residence halls offer different living experiences and you can help your student to make good decisions that will enhance their experience at Seton Hall. Choice of roommates is also important to assure a good match in terms of living style and study habits. Your student may also wish to apply for one of our specialized living-learning communities which require a supplemental application in addition to the housing deposit and standard housing application.  For more information on our residence halls and these communities, please visit

It is our hope that this process will run smoothly for your student and that, with your help, your student will find a place to call Home at the Hall.  If you or your student have any questions about the information contained in this letter, please call us at (973)761-9172 or email SHUHOUSING@SHU.EDU.  You may also find us on Facebook at or Twitter @SetonHallHRL.