Thanksgiving Break Housing

Residence Halls will close at 10am on Wednesday, November 22nd for Thanksgiving Break and will reopen on Sunday, November 26th at 2pm.  For those students who will not be leaving for Thanksgiving break due to work obligations, athletic competitions, or the distance being too far, Boland, Xavier, Ora, and Turrell are available for break housing.

Students who need break housing must apply for break housing through the application in their housing profile which will be available November 1st-November 15th at noon. If you do not live in Boland, Xavier, Turrell, or Ora, you must find a friend who will allow you to use their room during break.   Approvals for break housing will be sent via email by November 16th.

If you’re staying in a friend’s room for the break, it is your responsibility to get their key from them before they leave for break. Remember: break housing is a privilege and you are responsible for any damage or theft that occurs from your break housing room during the duration of your stay.

Please keep in mind that SHUFly Shuttle and SAFERide will not operate during break and that campus dining options will be limited.

If you are leaving for Thanksgiving break, please unplug everything, close your window shades, remember to pack everything you’ll need for the break (including medications and homework materials), and plan to be out of your room no later than 10am on Wednesday, November 22nd.  We look forward to welcoming you back to campus on Sunday the 26th at 2pm.

Happy, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving to all of our Pirates! Safe travels to and from campus!

Spring Registration is around the corner!

Just a reminder that spring registration is coming soon. According to the Housing License Agreement you agreed to when you applied to housing, you MUST be registered as a full-time student (12 or more credits unless graduating, student teaching, or participating in a clinical/internship) to reside in University housing.  Failure to register for Spring by the end of the Fall semester will result in your housing assignment being cancelled AND given away to a new, registered, student.  

The first step to registering is to take care of any holds you may have and to clear any balance on your student account.  You’ll need to meet with your advisor for a PIN and then you can sign up for classes.

If you do not plan to return for the Spring semester, please complete the Release of Housing License Request form.  

Stay tuned to your SHU email and PirateNet for more details on how and when to register for Spring 2018!

Health and Safety Inspections will begin October 23rd

HRL Staff reserves the right to enter your room to conduct health and safety inspections.  These usually occur twice a semester but can occur as deemed necessary by the HRL professional staff.

Your RA will enter your room, whether or not you or your roommate are there, and will be escorted by a professional staff member – either an RC or an RHD.

They will look for any violations of our Health & Safety Policy and will confiscate and store any items that are in violation of our regulations.  Any violation may result in documentation and a judicial hearing.

If you have any questions, please speak with your RA or your RHD.

Switching to Heat in the Res Halls

In accordance with NJ state housing laws, Facilities Engineering will be monitoring temperatures in the next few days and nights and will be switching our HVAC units to the heating setting this week.

Residents of Boland Hall who feel their rooms are warm are still welcome to open their windows and let some cooler air in.  Residents in residence halls where the specific temperature setting can be set within their room should work with their roommates and suitemates to determine what is comfortable for everyone.

For any questions, please contact your RHD.


Wishing you a restful Fall Break!

Even leaves have to return to their roots.  It’s Fall Break and it’s time to take a few days off and catch up on yourselves for a bit.  Our residence halls will remain open and you’re welcome to stay on campus, but we’re pretty sure your family and friends at home miss you and want you to come back and visit!

However you choose to spend it, we wish you a restful, relaxing, and recuperating Fall Break!


Room Change Day – Thursday, October 5th!

Room Change Day will take place on Thursday, October 5th in 68 Duffy Hall. Room Change Day allows residents the opportunity to change their current housing assignment. A room change can occur by either choosing to enter into a vacant assignment, or by switching assignments with another resident. If you wish to change into a vacant room assignment or switch assignments with another resident, you MUST come to the Housing and Residence Life Office, located in 68 Duffy Hall, on Room Change Day during the designated time for your desired residence hall.

A list of vacancies will be posted, in advance of Room Change Day, outside of the Housing and Residence Life Office (68 Duffy Hall) on Wednesday, October 4th at 5pm. If you wish to move into one of the posted vacancies, please attend the session listed below, on Room Change Day, for that location:

For filling vacancies or switching into
Boland and Aquinas Halls


For filling vacancies or switching into
Cabrini, Neumann, Serra, and Xavier Halls


For filling vacancies or switching into
Ora Manor and Turrell Manor


Important Points to Consider:
– Vacancies are limited, and will be filled on a first-come, first served basis.

– A list of vacancies will be posted outside of the Housing and Residence Life Office (68 Duffy Hall) on Wednesday, October 4th at 5pm.

– If you intend to make a room switch that is outside of your current residence hall (i.e you live in Turrell Manor but want to switch into Xavier Hall), please come at the building time for the residence hall that you wish to move INTO.

– If you cannot make the time scheduled for your particular need, please come to HRL (68 Duffy Hall) in advance, and complete a proxy form to send with someone else in your absence.

– We recommend you communicate your desire to move out with your current roommate in advance of Room Change Day, to be fair and prepare them for your departure.

– Upon changing rooms, residents will have 48 hours to check out of their old assignment and into their new assignment. Please plan accordingly.


If you have any questions about Room Change Day, please email, or stop our office, located at 68 Duffy Hall.

Live Chat with HRL on our NEW website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new, mobile-friendly, responsive website! You’ll find that information is better organized, easier to find, and much more plain and simple to navigate. 


Our website features an overview of department information which will be supplemented by blog posts from this blog for further, date-specific information.

But we’re even more excited that our website provides us another way to connect with YOU! We’ve added a chat feature to our website that is staffed during business hours (9am-5pm) by a real life HRL professional!  While we still enjoy your emails, you’ll find our chat will get you real-time information when you’re looking for it.  To find our chat, just look for the “Let’s talk” box at the bottom right hand corner of your screen – yup it’s even there on this blog page!  If it says online, there’s a HRL professional there waiting to talk to you! If it’s after hours and it says offline, you can leave us a message and we’ll get back to you when we’re back in the office. We’re so excited to chat with you that we will give the 1st, 10th, 20th, and 56th person to chat with us through the website their very own Seton Hall t-shirt! 

If there’s anything you’d like to see on our website that could enhance your user experience, please let us know. (Sounds like a great way to try out the chat feature!)


Lock Out Charges and Lock Changes

While it’s our expectation that you carry your key with you at all times, we understand things happen. If you find yourself locked out of your room (don’t worry, it happens) our RA staff is here to help! For a small fee added to your student account, an RA or any member of the HRL staff can let you back into your room.

Lock-out fees are as follows:

1st lock out = $10

2nd lock out = $15

3rd lock out = $25

If your key is lost, we will change your lock and replace your key for your own safety.  The charge for this service is $96 and will be added to your student account should this happen to you.

We recommend rocking one of those cool lanyards for sale in the bookstore or remembering to check your pockets/bag for your keys before you or your roommate leave the room.

Meal Plan Changes & Add/Drop

We don’t expect everyone to know how their eating schedule is going to work out when you get onto campus. As such, students are allowed to switch their meal plans during the first ten days of each semester.

All meal plans changes must be completed by the end of the add/drop period (ten days into the semester.) There will be no charge or billing proration for a meal plan changed within this time period.

Here is a break down of our meal plans:

Meal Plan  Meals  Pirate Bucks Guests 
1 9 meals/week 300 5
2 12 meals/week 275 5
3 160 meals/semester 300 5
4 12 meals/week 350 0
5 14 meals/week 400 5
6 16 meals/week 375 5
7 (not available for residents) 40 meals/semester 75 1
8 12 meals/week 695 0