Lock Out Charges and Lock Changes

While it’s our expectation that you carry your key with you at all times, we understand things happen. If you find yourself locked out of your room (don’t worry, it happens) our RA staff is here to help! For a small fee added to your student account, an RA or any member of the HRL staff can let you back into your room.

Lock-out fees are as follows:

1st lock out = $10

2nd lock out = $15

3rd lock out = $25

If your key is lost, we will change your lock and replace your key for your own safety.  The charge for this service is $96 and will be added to your student account should this happen to you.

We recommend rocking one of those cool lanyards for sale in the bookstore or remembering to check your pockets/bag for your keys before you or your roommate leave the room.

Author: Cheryl McCloskey

Former Assistant Director for Housing Operations & Marketing at Seton Hall University. I handled room assignments, meal plans, billing, social media, and supervise the RHD for Turrell and Ora as well as the Housing Operations Coordinator. Wife to Ryan, dog mom to Lucky McLovin'. Seton Hall MASC '12, Sacred Heart University '01 and '03 MAT. Go Pirates!

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