Trifles/Peccadilles; The Outside/De l’Autre côté; Women’s Honor/L’Honneur d’une femme

2023 featured new translations of Glaspell’s work, including this translation of Trifles, The Outside, and Women’s Honor into French, published by Presses Universitaires du Midi and edited and with a foreward by ISGS President Emeline Jouve. This bilingual collection is part of series, Théâtre – Nouvelles Scènes/Anglais, devoted to the publication of plays written in
English, providing both the original texts and the translations, which will be very useful for students as well as for future productions of these plays in France. Trifles was translated as Peccadilles by Aurélie Delevallée, The Outside translated as De l’Autre côté by Sophie Maréujouls-Koch, and Woman’s Honor translated as L’Honneur d’une femme by Julie Vatain-Corfdir.

The publication has been made possible notably thanks to an ISGS translation grant.

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