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2023-24 ISGS Business Meeting Minutes

2023-24 International Susan Glaspell Society Business Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place online on 10 January 2024 via Zoom.

In attendance: President Emeline Jouve, VP Martha Carpentier, Membership and Finance Officer Drew Eisenhauer, EC members J. Ellen Gainor, Jeffery Kennedy, Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, Honorary Member Alex Roe, members Sharon Friedman, Shoshana Milgram Knapp, Henning Bochert

President’s Report

The President thanked the executive committee for their hard work in the past year. She enumerated ISGS accomplishments such as the two translation grants awarded to Henning Bochert for Die Rose Im Sand, Stories and to Emeline Jouve as editor of Susan Glaspell Trifles/Peccadilles, The Outside/De l’autre côté, Woman’s Honor/L’Honneur d’une femme. In addition, she praised book publications since 2022, including Noelia Hernando-Real’s Rosas en la arena. Los relatos de Susan Glaspell, Marcia Noe’s Three Midwestern Playwrights: How Floyd Dell, George Cram Cook, and Susan Glaspell Transformed American Theatre, and the landmark publication of J. Ellen Gainor’s epic Cambridge University Press collection of essays, Susan Glaspell in Context, to which so many ISGS members contributed.

ISGS Twentieth Anniversary Conference

The President went on to mention the ISGS conference grant given to fund the 20th anniversary conference at Toulouse-Jean Jaures University, 7-8 December 2023, entitled the ACT/International Susan Glaspell Society Conference: Susan Glaspell Past & Present.” The conference, planned and hosted by President Emeline Jouve, was a huge success. Papers were given by J. Ellen Gainor (Cornell Univ.), Thierry Dubost (Univ. de Caen), Amanda J. Nelson (Virginia Tech Univ.), Noelia Hernando-Real (Univ. Autónoma de Madrid), Alessandra Calanchi (Univ. of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy), Nieves Alberola Crespo (Universitat Jaume I de Castelló, Spain), Nora Grimes (Trinity College), Alex Roe (Metropolitan Playhouse, NY), and Milbre Burch (playwright and independent scholar). A video was shown of an earlier interview about the founding of the Society in 2003 with co-founders Martha C. Carpentier and Barbara Ozieblo, conducted by Noelia Hernando-Real.

In addition, the conference featured a bilingual reading of Trifles directed by Anne Cameron with the students of the UT2J Theatre Club (Soeurs Fatales), as well as a reading of Close the Book, directed by Alex Roe, which may be viewed on his YouTube channel @alexroevideo (or see link from ISGS Facebook page).

The President concluded her remarks by noting that the ISGS Facebook page, launched in January 2015, now has 328 followers, as of December 2023.

Vice-President’s and Membership & Finances Officer’s Reports

Membership & Finance Officer Drew Eisenhauer reported that in the M&T Bank Account, located in the U.S., ISGS has $4,886.84. He noted that these funds are marked as savings and generally not used for operations, which thus far have been funded out of membership dues, collected in the Paypal account. VP Martha Carpentier reported that there is currently $1,375 in the Paypal account. Funds are getting low, as well as membership. Drew reported that while the ISGS has 50 members on the books, only 25 are actual paying members. He announced that it is time to launch the biannual membership drive in 2024. He urged all members to appeal to any colleagues or participants at conferences to join. In an addendum to these minutes, and as a result of these direct appeals, within two weeks of the meeting four new members had joined, including one Lifetime member, Amanda Nelson. This has added $407.82 to our account (noting that Paypal withdraws transactional fees for each) for a total now of $1,782.

VP Martha Carpentier (webmaster) noted that the publications for 2023 had been added to the website and that she is updating the Links page. She urged members to send her links to their own or related websites.

The group then discussed the crisis in shrinking membership and possible solutions, such as expanding membership to include more performing arts people and promoting Glaspell’s short fiction and novels. Kirsten Shepherd-Barr noted that she is attending the British Society for Literature and Science (SLSA) conference in April in Birmingham at which she could promote Susan Glaspell’s work and the Society if she had some flyers to handout. It was agreed that Martha would send the old flyers to Jeff Kennedy to update, so they can be available for members for recruiting. J. Ellen Gainor offered to remind everyone who contributed to Susan Glaspell in Context to renew or join the Society. Martha mentioned the problems associated with teaching Susan Glaspell in a period of broadening generalization in academic fields. Drew suggested developing a survey to find out who is actually teaching Susan Glaspell today and what they are teaching. Maybe circulate it at ALA?

Finally, officers received an email from Angela Constantinidou, artistic director/creator of a theatre ensemble in Cyprus, who would like to produce two of Glaspell’s one-acts (Trifles and The People). She was requesting online talk back participation or a short lecture from ISGS members, as well as a plea for funds. The group discussed the possibility of creating a performance grant, like the translation grant, to help fund fledging theatre groups to stage Glaspell’s work. The group discussed the affordability of another grant and how much could be offered. It was decided to offer $250 and to lower the translation grant, now at $300, also to $250 (it has since been decided to leave both at $300). J. Ellen Gainor and Noelia Hernando-Real were asked to draft an application modeled on the translation grant application they penned previously. The addition of this grant has since been approved by the EC and accepted via email vote by the ISGS membership.

Future Plans for 2024 and 2025

Spring 2024 ALA conference in Chicago: The ISGS is planning a 3-paper panel for the 35th annual conference of the American Literature Association being held in Chicago from Thursday-Sunday, May 23-26, 2024. Jeffery Kennedy is organizing the event and chairing the panel. His CFP solicited topics ranging over any aspect of Glaspell’s works, life, and ideas, her relationship to other dramatists and thinkers, or her relevance to contemporary issues. A reading directed by Cheryl Black of her dramatization of Glaspell’s novel Ambrose and Family is being planned as well. We discussed our past relationship with the “Five Dramatists Group” at ALA, being the Eugene O’Neill Society, the Thornton Wilder Society, the Edward Albee Society, and the Arthur Miller Society. Martha added that one of the perks the group got from Alfred Bendixen was no overlap in scheduling of our panels. Should we try to resurrect the connection? To be discussed further at the conference.

Spring 2025 O’Neill conference in Athens: Once again the ISGS is planning to join hands with the Eugene O’Neill Society and participate in the 12th International Eugene O’Neill Conference, in Athens, Greece, May 27-31, 2025. The conference will include a trip to Delphi, which is being planned by the ISGS and hosted by Jeffery Kennedy. Jeff updated us on the sites to be visited.

Finally, Emeline Jouve and Noelia Hernando-Real announced plans to issue a post-Toulouse Conference CFP and to edit the papers for the journal Coup de Théâtre in 2025.


2022 International Susan Glaspell Society Business Meeting Minutes

1. President’s report

The Business Meeting took place at the June 2022 American Drama and Theatre Conference at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and online. In attendance in Madrid: Noelia Hernando-Real, Nieves Alberola Crespo, Linda Ben-Zvi, Basia Ozieblo, Alex Roe, Drew Eisenhauer, Emeline Jouve
In attendance online: Ellen Gainor, Jeff Kennedy, Martha Carpentier

A. Acknowledgement
Thank you to Noelia Hernando-Real for her organization of the 6th International Conference on American Drama and Theater and for having arranged the logistics for this meeting.
Thanks to Noelia Hernando-Real as past president of the ISGS and to Cheryl Black as past EC members.
Thanks to Kirsten Shepherd-Barr and Jeff Kennedy for volunteering to join the Executive Committee.
Thanks to Judy Barlow for once again supervising the recent ISGS election process which resulted in the election or re-election of Emeline Jouve as President, Martha Carpentier as Vice President, Drew Eisenhauer as Membership and Finance Officer.

The president reported on the large number of activities engaged in by society members on behalf of the art and legacy of Susan Glaspell.

B. Partnerships + Panels organized by the ISGS
Federal Theatre Project (1935-1939): context & enjeux, Toulouse Jean-Jaurès University (France), Oct. 2019.The ISGS was a financial partner and presented a Provincetown panel.

Sixth International American Theatre and Drama conference, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), June, 2022. The ISGS was a financial partner and presented a Provincetown panel as well as hosted a reception.

Eleventh International Conference on Eugene O’Neill, Suffolk University (USA), July 2022. The ISGS was a financial partner and presented a Provincetown panel as well as contributing to a wine and cheese event.

C. Conferences papers or post-show discussions presented

Alberola Crespo, Nieves. “Susan Glaspell y los Provincetown Players”, El humor y el espectáculo en la sociedad actual, Universitat Jaume I de Castelló. Spain. Campus de Castelló, Castellón (Spain), 7 March 2022.
Alberola Crespo, Nieves. “Itinerarios emocionales en la obra de Susan Glaspell (1915-1918),”
Emociones y humor en la sociedad actual, Sagunto, Universitat Jaume I (Spain), 13 May 2022.

Eisenhauer, Drew, “Glaspell: Bending (Breaking) Genres on the Air and in Hollywood,” 6th International Conference on American Drama and Theater, MIRAFLORES DE LA SIERRA (Spain), 1 June 2022.

Hernando Real, Noelia. “The Provincetown Players and the Federal Theatre: The Essay Susan Glaspell Never Wrote.” International Federal Theatre Conference. University of Toulouse- Jean Jaurés (France), 17th October 2019.

Jouve, Emeline. Pour une herméneutique de l’insignifiant : interprétation et émancipation dans Trifles (1916) de Susan Glaspell. Gest lecture, CLIMAS Research Group, Bordeaux Montaigne University, 10th December 2021.

Friedam, S. The Outside, Metropolitan (Virtual) Playhouse, Online, 06/02/2021- 10/02/2021
Kennedy, J. “Trifles, a Feminist Drama,” Newberry Library, virtual presentation with Susan Glaspell scholar Martha Carpentier, May 13, 2021. Followed presentations with question and answer session moderated by Liesl Olsen.
Kennedy, J. “Performing the Heart of the Nation: The Provincetown Playhouse,” Greenwich Village Preservation Society, virtual presentation, April 12, 2021. Followed presentation with question and answer session moderated by Ariel Kates.
Ben-Zvi, .L. Trifles, Metropolitan (Virtual) Playhouse, Online Reading, 08/05/2021 – 12/05/2021

D. Publications
Gainor, J. Ellen, (ed). Literature in Context: Susan Glaspell. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Fall 2022.

Hernando-Real, Noelia. Rosas en la arena. Los relatos de Susan Glaspell. Valencia: Publicaciones Universitat de Vàlencia, 2022.

Kennedy, Jeffery. Staging America: The Artistic Legacy of the Provincetown Players. University of Alabama Press, Fall 2022.

Noe, Marcia. Three Midwestern Playwrights: How Floyd Dell, George Cram Cook, and Susan Glaspell Transformed American Theatre. Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2022.

Cox, James H., and Alexander Pettit. “Indigeneity and Immigration in Susan Glaspell’s
Inheritors.” Comparative Drama, vol. 53, no. 3, 2019, pp. 31‒58.

Hernando-Real, Noelia. “Susan Glaspell.” Oxford Bibliographies in American Literature. Ed. Jackson Bryer. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Hernando-Real, Noelia. “Suicide Across the Waves: On the Feminist Possibilities of Dramatic Suicide in Plays by Susan Glaspell, Marsha Norman and Naomi Wallace.” Suicide in Modern Literature Social Causes, Existential Reasons, and Prevention Strategies. Ed. Josefa Ros Velasco. Springer, 2021.

Hernando-Real, Noelia. “On the Page and on the Stage: The Influence of H. D. Thoreau on Susan Glaspell’s Works”. “To live deep and suck all the marrow of life.” The Legacy of Henry David Thoreau. Eds. Eulalia Piñero and Laura Arce. Delaware: Vernon Press, 2020. 25-38.

Hernando-Real, Noelia. “How to Teach Susan Glaspell’s Trifles.” How to Teach a Play: Exercises for the College Classroom. Eds. Miriam Chirico and Kelly Younger. London: Bloomsbury, 2020. 139-141.

Jouve, Emeline. « ‘Murderous Hug’: 1922 et la tragédie des Provincetown Players, » in 1922 et son esprit, Elise Brault-Dreux (ed.), Paris : Sorbonne Université Presses, 2022.

E. Productions
Alex Roe, Producer, Suppressed Desires, Metropolitan (Virtual) Playhouse, Online Reading, 16/05/2020 – 20/05/2020
Alex Roe, Producer and Director, The People, Metropolitan (Virtual) Playhouse, Online Reading, 18/07/2020 – 22/07/2020
Alex Roe, Producer, Woman’s Honor, Metropolitan (Virtual) Playhouse, Online Reading, 26/09/2020 – 30/09/2020
Alex Roe, Producer, The Outside, Metropolitan (Virtual) Playhouse, Online Reading, 06/02/2021- 10/02/2021
Alex Roe, Producer, Trifles, Metropolitan (Virtual) Playhouse, Online Reading, 08/05/2021 – 12/05/2021

Burch Milbre, Sometimes I Sing (inspired by Susan Glaspell’s Trifles), Live 2021 United Solo Theatre Festival, 10/21/21.

Pléyade Trampantojo Players, El honor de una mujer, Susan Glaspell (Woman´s Honor by Susan Glaspell), Teatro Raval, Castellón (Spain), 30/04/2022-1/05/2022.

F. Facebook
ISGS FB page was launched in January 2015. Emeline is the FB “webmaster”: she has been updating the page for the past years with feeds about performances and news from the society: members are invited to share with her info/news they would like to advertise on FB
= Total Page followers: 297

2. Vice President and Finance and Membership Officer Report
We have been working for over a year trying to organize our membership renewal process, bank account, and PayPal account in order to make funds available internationally for receipt as well as payout. It has not been easy but we do finally have a workable system:

A. Bank account:
Since previous Membership and Finance Officer Doug Powers established it, our bank account is with M&T Bank, which is an East Coast US bank with branches in various states. We have removed Doug and now Drew is the only person on the account. However, it is a business account and as CEO, Drew created an employee account for Martha to give her access to everything in case he were to be incapacitated. However, to get Martha or anyone else legally on the account, Drew must physically meet the person at any M&T branch. Drew and Martha continue to hope they will be able to make this happen someday soon. In the meantime, we regard the M&T account as the ISGS “savings account”. But in general, PayPal is our active online account for receipt of dues and payout of funds in the U.S. and internationally.

B. Paypal:
We had many difficulties trying to set up an international business account in Paypal for ISGS, particularly one that would directly receive membership dues from the ISGS web site. Dues payment links from the ISGS web site now go directly into this account and we can pay out from this account, both in Europe and in the U.S.

C. Non-profit status:
We have verified that we are set up in the U.S. as an incorporated non-profit society. Martha has the official IRS confirmation letter.

D. Membership
Updated membership list: After a long membership renewal drive, which included repeated appeals to the group as well as to individual members, our membership is now at 30, with 5 honorary members among those. Eleven long-term members are as yet unrenewed. It has been decided that we will reach out for them as If anyone would like to reach out personally to any on this list, please do so. we would be sorry to lose these friends.

Lifetime Members: In addition to our first Lifetime Member, J. Ellen Gainor, we welcome three new Lifetime Members: Marcia Noe, Carol DeBoer Langworthy, and Milbre Burch. Thank you!

E. Website:
With Martha’s retirement from Seton Hall University, which hosts the ISGS web site, we were worried that we might have to purchase a provider and create a new site. However, good news is that Seton Hall will continue to host this site. Martha urges members to send her information to update the website.

F. Emendations to By-Laws

Article VII: Grants and Awards, Section 2 were discussed. Noelia argued that keeping the awards for best published paper and best conference paper would be in the best interests of the Society and everyone agreed. However, Martha suggested removing the word “biannual” from the current By-Law. Others felt it should stay and a proposal to emend as “The Society will review submissions to award biannual prizes. . .” was made. It was agreed that the language of this By-Law will be revised by Emeline and Martha and submitted via email for voting.
Emendations to Article VII: Grants and Awards, Section 3 (translations awards) were discussed. Ellen proposed changing the language from “prize” to “subvention”. There was general agreement to this idea, but Noelia proposed revising the language of the whole section and it was agreed that Ellen, Noelia, and Emeline will draft a revision of this By-Law and submit via email for voting.

All of these By-Laws revisions must be voted on first by the EC and if approved, submitted to the Membership for voting. Then the By-Laws must be updated accordingly on the website.
Revisions accepted after on-line votes (June, 28th, 2022)

G. Future Plans:
Discussion about our continuing collaboration with the Eugene O’Neill Society: Emeline announced that she had conferred with current President of EONS Katie Johnson. It was proposed and agreed that presidents of sister drama societies should be made honorary members of each other’s societies for the duration of their presidencies. How this would be implemented was not discussed however we decided to start with the E. O’Neill Society.

Under the topic of working together with other dramatists societies, Martha reminded everyone and Basia agreed that in previous years we had formed the “Five Dramatists Society” with the EONS, Thornton Wilder Society, and Edward Albee Society, but this never went anywhere. Should we revive this joint venture for future panel and conference proposals? The venue was discussed. Although previously the Five Dramatists Society had taken place at ALA, Jeff suggested that it had been difficult to get Alfred Bendixen (President of ALA) to cooperate on joint panel times, etc. He suggested that CDC might be a better venue for future joint plans. It was agreed that Emeline would reach out to the other society presidents and get their input about going forward with the “Five Dramatists Society” idea and which venue would be best.

Emeline discussed the December 2023 ISGS 20-year anniversary celebration. While Oxford may still be a possibility, Emeline is willing to host the event in Toulouse: two events could be hosted. Possibly we could use the event in Toulouse as a way to draw the other Five Dramatists Societies into a joint relationship. Specifics of this event were not discussed but need to be. Also, we neglected to discuss the stalled special Glaspell issue of the Eugene O’Neill Review.

Ellen announced that her upcoming panel, “Glaspell Panel Provincetown Players,” at the EONS conference at Suffolk University, Boston, will feature three speakers, including Drew Eisenhauer and Marcia Noe, but they need a third paper. ISGS will present a reading of the one-act Glaspell wrote for the centenary of landing on Plymouth Rock and roundtable a discussion of Ellen’s book featuring contributors. Drew might present from his chapter of new research on Glaspell.
Emeline suggested we develop on a flyer to hand-out at conferences. Martha has flyers from the past that she will update and send to Ellen and Emie and Jeff for revision/approval.

2019 Business Meeting Minutes

Toulouse 2019 ISGS Business Meeting Agenda
IN ATTENDANCE: In Toulouse: President Noelia Hernando-Real, Vice President Emeline Jouve, Membership Finance Officer Drew Eisenhauer, member Jeff Kennedy, rep. for EONS. Via internet: Executive Committee members Cheryl Black, J. Ellen Gainor, Martha Carpentier.

Thank you to Emeline Jouve for her organization of the present conference on the Federal Theatre Project and the use of her apartment for this meeting.
Thanks to Sharon Friedman and Basia Ozieblo as past EC members.
Thank you to Judy Barlow for supervising the recent ISGS election process. Report on shift of offices. Thank you to Ellen Gainor and Martha Carpentier for returning and being re-elected to the executive committee.
Congratulations on the large number of activities engaged in by Society members on behalf of the art and legacy of Susan Glaspell:

Conferences, post-show panels/discussions, and staged readings:
“Trifles at 100” at the Metropolitan Playhouse, October 2016. Talk back discussion organized by AD Alex Roe with ISGS members Sharon Friedman and J. Ellen Gainor. Participants: J.Ellen Gainor, Sharon Friedman, Cheryl Black, Basia Ozieblo, Emeline Jouve and Noelia Hernando-Real.
Trifles seminar at Fordham University, 5 October 2016. Participants: Emeline Jouve, Basia Ozieblo, Noelia Hernando-Real.
Modern Drama Seminar on Susan Glaspell and the Provincetown Players at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 16 October 2016. Keynote speakers: Basia Ozieblo, Emeline Jouve and Linda Ben-Zvi. In addition an exhibit was displayed at the Humanities Library, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, “Susan Glaspell, pionera del teatro experimental.”
Toulouse Seminar on invisible violence in Trifles, 30 March 2017. Keynote by Noelia Hernando-Real. Seminar on Trifles organized by Emeline Jouve and Céline Nogueira at Toulouse University, France with Guest of Honor Noelia Hernando-Real.
Production of Inheritors at Starlighters II, Anamosa, Iowa, September 2017, directed by Jennifer Lynn Byll. Talkback with Cheryl Black and Milbre Burch.
The International Susan Glaspell Society joined the Society for the Study of American Women Writers at Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France, 5-8 July 2017, for their conference, “Border Crossings: Translation, Migration, & Gender in the Americas, the Transatlantic, & the Transpacific,” directed by Stéphanie Durrans. The ISGS panel was chaired by ISGS VP Emeline Jouve and titled “Beyond Borders: Susan Glaspell and her Sisters from the Provincetown Players,” featuring:
A. “From Page to Stage and Stage to Page: the Trans-literary Career of Susan Glaspell,” Cheryl Black, University of Missouri;
B. “Mud and the Water: Transcultural Explorations of Transgressive gender. Louise Bryant’s From Paris to Main Street and Djuna Barnes’s Three from the Earth,” Drew Eisenhauer, Paris College of Art;
C. “Paradigm of the ‘outside’ among the Provincetown Players, especially Susan Glaspell and Marguerite Zorach: from myth to history?” Géraldine Prévot, Université de Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, France
D. STAGED READING OF FUGITIVE’S RETURN, written and directed by Cheryl Black

The Tenth International Conference on Eugene O’Neill, Galway Ireland, July 2017. ISGS Panel: The Women of the Provincetown Players and the Abbey Theatre
Chaired by Drew Eisenhauer, Paris College of Art, and featuring:
A. Linda Ben-Zvi, Tel Aviv University, “‘A Different Kind of the Same Thing’: Echoes of Synge and the Abbey Theatre Style in Glaspell’s Early One-Act Provincetown Plays”;
B. Marla Del Collins, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, “The Verge: To Grow or Die; Irishness and the Forces Unleashed”;
C. Drew Eisenhauer, Paris College of Art,”An Irish Triangle: Transatlantic Comedies of Manners in Djuna Barnes’s An Irish Triangle, Louise Bryant’s From Paris to Main Street, and Susan Glaspell’s Woman’s Honor

5th International Conference on American Drama and Theater, Nancy, France, June 2018. ISGS Panels: “Susan Glaspell and her Sisters from the Provincetown Players: Migrating beyond Forms and Places, I & II.”
Chaired by Emeline Jouve, INU Champollion/Université Toulouse Jean-Jaurès, and featuring:
A. Emotions on the Move in Susan Glaspell’s One-Act Plays (1915–1917),” Nieves Alberola Crespo, Universitat Jaume I (Castelló, Spain);
B. “Who’s ‘100% American’? Staging Susan Glaspell’s Inheritors in the 21st Century as a Critique of Nativist Fervor in a Nation of (Im)migrants,” Milbre Burch, Independent Scholar;
C. “Susan Glaspell’s Hybrid Theatre: European Modes and Motifs in The Verge,” Sharon Friedman, Gallatin School of New York University;
D. “‘The delicate tracery of Paris and the high terraces of Lyon’: Zelda Fitzgerald, Djuna Barnes: les Flâneuses Américaines,” Drew Eisenhauer, Paris College of Art;
“Journeying Past the Village: Provincetown Player Women Playwrights Whose Plays Extended Beyond American Borders,” Jeffery Kennedy, Arizona State University

Performances in 2019
• March 9, 2019: Susan Glaspell Celebration for International Women’s Month at the Bas Bleu Theatre Company with lecture by Linda Ben-Zvi;
• April 5, 2019: Guerl-rilla Theatre presents: Trifles and He Killed my Bird. Talking Horse Theatre with postshow discussion by Cheryl Black;
• April 2019: The Lasell College Performing Arts program and Drama Club produced Trifles along with a contemporary play called The Refugee Women on a double-bill called “The Strength of Women.” Performances were on March 28 – 30, 2019 on the Lasell College campus in Newton, Massachusetts. Trifles was directed by Steven F. Bloom, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eugene O’Neill Society;
• World Premiere of Free Laughter in Fort Collins with discussion by Linda Ben-Zvi;
• August 2019: Reading of Free Laughter at ATHE featuring J. Ellen Gainor and Cheryl Black

Publications since 2016
• Polster, Joshua. “Gendered Spaces: Law and Justice in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles.” Stages of Engagement: U.S. Theatre and Performance 1898-1949. London and New York: Routledge, 2016.
• Jouve, Emeline. Susan Glaspell’s Poetics and Politics of Rebellion. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2017.
• Alberola, Nieves. Susan Glaspell y los Provincetown Players. Laboratorio de emociones. Valencia: PUV, 2017.
• Hernando-Real, Noelia. “An Exorcism on The Outside, or Looking into Trifles – Before Breakfast: Geopathic Crises in the Plays of Eugene O’Neill and Susan Glaspell.” Eugene O’Neill Review, Special Issue on “The Women in O’Neill’s World.” Ed. Judith Barlow, 2017, pp. 74-92.
• Hernando-Real, Noelia. “On The Verge of the American Female Gothic: Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ in Susan Glaspell’s Theater.” A Critical Gaze from the Old World: Transatlantic Perspectives on American Studies. Collection Transatlantic Aesthetics and Culture. Eds. Isabel Durán, Eusebio De Lorenzo, Rebeca Gualberto, Carmen Méndez & Eduardo Valls. Brussels: Peter Lang, 2018. pp. 55-74.
• Friedman, Sharon. “Susan Glaspell.” Visions of Tragedy in Modern American Drama. Ed. David Palmer, Bloomsbury, 2018.
• American Literature in Transition, 1920-1930 ed. Ichiro Takayoshi, Cambridge UP, with a chapter by Cheryl Black on the “Stage” with special attention to the Provincetown Players and to Susan Glaspell defined as “the quintessential trans-literary dramatist of her era.”
• Arciniega, Lourdes. “Home as an Activist and Feminist Stage: Women’s Performative Agency in the Drama of Susan Glaspell.” Performing Dream Homes. Eds. Emily Klein, Jennifer-Scott Mobley & Jill Stevenson. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. 45-64.
New Additions to the Literary Encyclopedia:
• Black, Cheryl. “Ambrose Holt and Family”. The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 14 September 2018.
• Carpentier, Martha. “The Morning is Near Us”. The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 27 October 2017.
• Carpentier, Martha. “Norma Ashe”. The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 27 October 2017.
• Ben-Zvi, Linda. “Free Laughter”. The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 03 September 2019.
The President asked for volunteers to complete these entries:
Lifted Masks (Drew Eisenhauer and Martha Carpentier agreed to collaborate),
Her America, Jury of Her Peers, The Road to the Temple, The Visioning.

Works in Progress:
• Jeff Kennedy is working on final revisions to his history of the Provincetown Players, to be published by University of Alabama Press; Drew Eisenhauer and Jeff are working on a volume of essays on the 100th anniversary of the Provincetown Players.
• J. Ellen Gainor reported very reactive contributors and good progress on her forthcoming collection on Cambridge UP on Glaspell in Context.
To encourage future scholarship on Glaspell, Jeff Kennedy noted that the EONS Review wants our participation. Our continuing collaboration with the Eugene O’Neill Society was discussed. Jeff Kennedy, past president of EONS, suggested we propose a Glaspell special issue of the Eugene O’Neill Review. Action: Jeff Kennedy and Martha Carpentier will explore with EONS editor (and ISGS member) Alex Petit.

1.) Best Conference Paper: Milbre Burch won for best paper with a unanimous vote of EC members.
2.) Best published article: No agreement was reached by EC members on the two entries that were submitted. Although each article had distinct merits, true deficits were also discovered and the EC felt it was inappropriate to recognize either by an award. It was agreed that the CFP for the awards should in future better clarify how submissions should advance Glaspell Studies.
3.) Translation (Thank you to Ellen for suggesting translator.) The EC voted to send an Honorary mention to both nominees.

Glaspell Estate:
Death of Ariadne (Cook) Lurie. Her sons have expressed to the President their willingness to go on with our collaboration. ISGS website now lists them as copyright holders but there is no contact information, as we are waiting for their confirmation to make this information available.

Ariel’s Corner

VP Emeline Jouve explained that “Ariel’s Corner” is a specific section of the ejournal Miranda hosted by Toulouse University and dedicated to theatre. The aim is not to publish “conventional scholarly articles” but rather interviews, reviews, essays on theatre. Emeline edits this section of the journal and seeks contributions to promote Glaspell’s work. President Noelia Hernando-Real sent a call for contributions to the members’ list last year.

Past issues featured:
• Denise Doherty Pappas, “Susan Glaspell Revisited: Century Old Play Returns to its Roots,” review of The Verge at the Provincetown Theater, MA, USA—November 11-22, 2015, Miranda 12, 2016
• Noelia Hernando-Real, “Celebrating Susan Glaspell when Trifles turns 100,” an interview with the founders of the ISGS, Basia Ozieblo and Martha Carpentier, Miranda 13, 2016
• Milbre Burch,“The Relevance of Susan Glaspell’s Inheritors in the 21st Century,” an interview with Cheryl Black following the Fall 2017 production of Glaspell’s play Inheritors by the Starlighters II Theatre, Miranda 16, 2018,
• Quetzalina Lavalle Salvatori, “Celebrating Susan Glaspell and Trifles in Spain,” a review of the exhibition “Susan Glaspell (1876-1948): pionera del teatro experimental. Trifles, los Provincetown Players y el teatro de vanguardia,” Miranda 14, 2017
Emeline concluded contributions are welcome! So please, contribute!
Action: Jeff Kennedy requested the information to distribute Miranda through the EONs newsletter.

Report on Facebook Page:
Emeline Jouve reported that we launched the ISGS FB page in January 2015 and as the FB “webmaster” she has been updating the page for the past 4 years with feeds about performances and news from the society. She urged members to send information and updates for posting on the page and recapped the numbers: 176 “followers” with a rate of responsiveness of 33%
Action: Jeff promised to add an active link from the EONS FB link to Glaspell FB


Funds: Drew Eisenhauer reported that existing balances are healthy with no major deductions since the last business meeting. A technical problem prevented him from accessing the M and T bank balance from France. Martha Carpentier may have access to the account and agreed to check and establish U.S. accessibility

Expenditures 2018-2019: Drew explained expenditures from the last business meeting to the present, illustrating expenses were very much in the same range for the same purposes with a small increase in the amount spent on conferences. All agreed the expenses were appropriate for the level of the society.
Membership: Drew explained while membership was relatively stable, it had decreased somewhat and effort needed to be made to get new young scholars and graduate students involved. The good news was six new members since the last meeting had joined, but some who had not renewed meant the average active membership decreased from about 53 to 47, or a net loss equal to the new members.
Membership in numbers:
61 individuals (including 6 new members).
47 members in good standing:
14 non-renewed

Some former members (3) did not renew for technical reasons, but remain interested and will no doubt return. Others did not renew and did not return contact (11). The EC discussed removing these individuals from the list. The EC decided that each should be re-contacted one more time and then removed if not response. Action: Drew will send one last message; Martha will reach out specifically to Marcia Noe.

Amendments to the By-Laws
The president proposed that Section 1, part a. should be revised to read:
Section 1:
a. The elected officers shall be the Vice President, Membership and Finances Officer, and three Standing Members to serve on the Executive Council, all elected for three-year terms by a majority of members who vote in the election. The President and the Vice President will be eligible for one further term of office if they so desire and if re-elected. The Membership and Finances Officer will be eligible for further terms if s/he so desires and if elected. The Vice President shall be the President designee and will assume the office of President upon completion of one or two terms as Vice President. The outgoing President will be an ex officio member of the Executive Council for one year.
The motion was seconded and the vote was unanimous for the change.

• International Eugene O’Neill Conference, Boston 2020. The ISGS has sent three proposals: a panel, a roundtable, and a reading of Free Laughter, plus introduction and discussion.
• 2022 American Drama and Theatre Conference in Madrid. Noelia Hernando-Real is a co-organizer of the conference and would like the Society to be present.
• ALA 2021 (Boston): Last time our round table had to cancelled, so should we focus on SSAWW instead? Issue remains open.
• Next Business Meeting: date and place of meeting remains open.

2016 Business Meeting Minutes

Gallatin School, NYU, New York City, 4 October 2017, 4.30 pm

 In attendance: Cheryl Black, Martha Carpentier, Marla Del Collins, J. Ellen Gainor, Noelia Hernando-Real (President), Ling Jiane, Emeline Jouve (Vice-President), Barbara Ozieblo

Noelia Hernando-Real thanked Sharon Friedman for getting the Society a room in which to hold the meeting. She then thanked Sharon and J. Ellen Gainor for organizing the post-reading panel at the Metropolitan Playhouse; she thanked Judith Barlow for supervising the election process and Doug Powers for his work as Membership and Treasure officer over the past six years; and she thanked Martha Carpentier for her work as vice-president and president over the past twelve years.  Noelia offered Martha a gift in recognition of her contributions on behalf of the society.

Conferences and post-show panels/discussions:  Noelia listed all the events in which the Society has been involved since the last Business meeting:

  • August 2013 (ATHE). Session: “Playing with Feminism: Susan Glaspell’s Woman’s Honor as Social Satire of the Sexual Double Standard” (Reading of Woman’s Honor too). Introduction by Barbara Ozieblo, J. Ellen Gainor and Heidi Schmidt. Reading (Cheryl Black, Basia Ozieblo, Ellen Gainor);
  • October 2013: World premiere of Springs Eternal at the Orange Tree. Seminar on the Provincetown Players, Glaspell and the theme of war, organized by Noelia Hernando Real. Speakers: Linda Ben-Zvi, J. Ellen Gainor, Barbara Ozieblo, Cheryl Black, Emeline Jouve, Drew Eisenhauer, Sherry Engle, and Noelia Hernando-Real;
  • April 2014: First International Conference of the French Modernist Society with ISGS sponsored panel featuring Emeline Jouve, Eisenhauer, Jeff Kennedy, Beth Wynstra, Noelia Hernando-Real;
  • October 2014: Susan Glaspell at her alma mater, Drake University, in Davenport Iowa: ISGS members read “Performing Bohemia” and conducted a post-show discussion featuring Jeff Kennedy, Cheryl Black, Martha Carpentier, Barbara Ozieblo, and Noelia Hernando-Real. ISGS members and Drake University faculty met and dined with Dean Schroll, who had originally contacted Martha to organize the event. Drake University named their annual reading series, which Schroll sponsors, in honor of Glaspell: “The Susan Glaspell Writers and Critics Series”;
  • February 2015: “L’Acte Inqualifiable ou le Meurtre au Féminine” or “Unspeakable Acts: Murders by Women,” a conference co-organized by Emeline Jouve at l’Université Toulouse Jean-Juarès. Martha Carpentier was invited to present “Women’s Justice: Nemesis and Subversion in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles”;
  • March 2015: Sharon Friedman presented on Susan Glaspell for the panel “Visions of Tragedy in American Theatre” at the 39th Comparative Drama Conference, held at Stevenson University in Baltimore, Maryland, chaired and organized by David Palmer;
  • July 2015: Provincetown centennial celebration co-organized by the ISGS (Martha Carpentier and Noelia Hernando-Real) and Jeffrey Kennedy from the Eugene O’Neill Society. Thirty people participated at the celebration, which consisted of panels (12 participants), historical tours and performances. The attendees came from the US and Europe. The ISGS and the IEOS organized the events in collaboration with the Provincetown Library, Provincetown Museum and Provincetown Theatre. Tony Kushner participated in a post-show discussion with Linda Ben-Zvi and Jeff Kennedy;
  • September 2015: “Hour by Hour Susan Glaspell” at the American Bard Theater Company with discussion by Linda Ben-Zvi;
  • November 2015, Alison’s House performed at the Metropolitan Playhouse followed by talk-back by Linda Ben-Zvi;
  • November 2015: The Verge performed at the Provincetown Theatre with a panel organized by Linda Ben-Zvi.

The society members stressed the profusion of events and the interconnection between the academic world and the world of culture (theatre venues, museums, etc.) at large. Events are taking place both in the US and in Europe, which shows the international nature of the society.


  • Martha C. Carpentier and Emeline Jouve (eds): On Susan Glaspell’s Trifles and “A Jury of her Peers”: Centennial Essays, Interviews and Adaptations (McFarland);
  • Martha Carpentier, Barbara Ozieblo, Noelia Hernando-Real, Michael Winetsky published chapters in the anthology derived from the 2008 Delphi conference organized by Stockton College: Americans and the Experience of Delphi (2013, eds. Paul Lorenz and David Roessel);
  • Noelia Hernando-Real: Voces Contra La Mediocridad: La Vanguardia Teatral De Los Provincetown Players, 1915-1922, the first history of the Provincetown Players written in Spanish, and which also includes the translation into Spanish of eight plays, including Inheritors and The Verge;
  • Emeline Jouve, Aurélie Guillain, Laurence Talairach-Vielmas (eds.), Unspeakable Acts : Murders by Women (McFarland); includes essay by Martha Carpentier, “Women’s Justice: Nemesis and Subversion in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles”;
  • Other works featuring chapters on Susan Glaspell’s work include: Nina Tessler, Flowers and Towers: Politics of Identity in the Art of the American “New Woman”;Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, Theatre and Evolution from Ibsen to Beckett; Emeline Jouve: “Du presque-rien au presque-tout : le dévoilement de l’invisible dans Trifles (1916) de Susan Glaspell.”
  • Recent entries for the Literary Encyclopedia include:
    • Campagna, Vanessa Marie. “Bernice: A Play in Three Acts”. The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 13 July 2015;
    • Winetsky, Michael. “Judd Rankin’s Daughter”. The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 15 August 2014;
    • Engle, Sherry. “The Comic Artist: A Play in Three Acts”. The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 09 September 2013;
    • Burch, Milbre Elizabeth. “Author Chronology for Susan Keating Glaspell”. The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 15 April 2013.

Literary Encyclopedia entries on Glaspell’s works that remain to be written:

Noelia stressed the importance to go on with the entries and asked for volunteers to write the remaining entries. List of the entries that are left: Her America, Lifted Masks, The Road to the Temple, Cherished and Shared of All, Free Laughter. Novels: Ambrose Holt, Norma Ashe, Morning is Near Us, The Visioning. Ellen suggested asking Linda Ben-Zvi to do The Road to the Temple; Cheryl agreed to do Ambrose Holt; Martha volunteered to do Norma Ashe and Morning is Near Us, while Drew offered to do Lifted Masks. Noelia suggested involving graduate students in the writing of entries.

Ariel’s Corner:  Emeline Jouve introduced Ariel’s Corner, which is a specific section of the ejournal Miranda, hosted by l’Université Toulouse Jean-Juarès. Emeline is the editor of the theatre articles published in Ariel’s Corner. The aim is not to publish “conventional scholarly articles” but rather interviews, reviews, essays on theatre.  Emeline explained that she tries to promote Glaspell’s work; for this reason she sent a call for contributions through the list last year. Thus far Ariel’s Corner features two contributions on Glaspell and Emeline called for new contributions on Glaspell or the Provincetown Players:

  • Denise Doherty Pappas who attended the production of The Verge of the Provincetown Theatre wrote a review which was published in April;
  • Noelia Hernando-Real’s interview of the founders of the ISGS, Barbara Ozieblo and Martha Carpentier.

Theses:  Congratulations to Rasha Gazzaz who finished her thesis,  “Suppressed Voices: Women and Class in the Fiction of Susan Glaspell” at the University of Leicester (not a live link, copy and paste into your browser):

Awards:  Noelia announced that no one submitted articles for the biannual best published paper, best conference paper, or best translation awards. One of the reasons may be that the members actively publishing are involved in Society governance and there is a conflict of interest.  Solutions to solve the problem were considered: Martha Carpentier suggested reaching out to the contributors to publications related to Glaspell or the Provincetown Players, also encouraging graduate students. Barbara Ozieblo believed that more publicity should be made, but Noelia reminded the members that the awards were advertised through ATDS and on Facebook. Sharon Friedman suggested carrying the awards over, which was seconded and approved.

 Membership:  Noelia listed 56 current members (4 honorary); however, of these 37 have renewed membership and paid dues, and 15 have not paid although she sent personal mails to those who forgot to renew. Martha noted that a core of 40 members has been fairly consistent over the years and is a good number. Members discussed dropping out the people who did not pay their renewals, but eventually decided to keep them on the list.

Facebook/Blog:  Emeline introduced the FB page, launched in January 2015, for which she is the webmaster. Most of the people reached are in the USA (156 in Oct, 2016) and in France (108 – which may be explained by the fact that Emeline is the webmaster). Emeline posts all the news from the Society and encourages members to send her information to post. She invited the members who have not “friended” the page to do so and Martha urged the members to reach out to their friends. Ling Jian suggested reaching out to her students. FB is a means to reach younger people. Martha is still in charge of the blog, which is hosted by Seton Hall University. She explained that FB is a good supplement to the blog to get the latest news.

Discussion on how to foster research on Glaspell and the involvement of young scholars:  Noelia pinpointed the difficulties of getting new or young scholars into the field of Glaspell studies. Ellen Gainor reminded us that MLA has a public series called “Approaches to Teaching,” which she believes would welcome a volume on Glaspell’s works.  Although the process of proposing and editing these volumes is a difficult one, Ellen thinks that it is a good idea to go through with it as it would be a good way of getting new people.  Martha also suggested that we become a sub-group of the MLA—once you are affiliated, you automatically get a panel at every annual MLA conference, which would gives us high visibility and attract new members.

Treasurer’s report:  Noelia reminded us that the ISGS membership and bank balances are healthy, but there have been some delays in transferring control over the funds and membership list to Drew Eisenhauer, the new membership and finances officer, particularly since he lives in France. Drew Eisenhauer and Doug Powers sent the President their report and she read it:  The Paypal account has a balance of $1840-less expenses for the Trifles Celebration (including gift); the bank account balance is $3739.44; there are 55 members listed on the roster, with 14 listed as unpaid and in need of renewal.

Drew would like to ask if core members would consider automatic renewal. The members present considered it a good option, although some pointed out that some people won’t like the idea. Drew will look into this option, as well as coming up with ways to transfer control of the funds to him, including the possibility of banking through Paypal.

National Women’s Hall of Fame:  Noelia announced that our nomination of Glaspell again did not make the cut for the National Women’s Hall of Fame, even though a lengthy application spearheaded by Ellen and prepared by Ellen, Martha, Cheryl, Barbara, and Noelia was again submitted. The application failed for the second time. Noelia will ask for some explanation. The members agreed that the Society should try to apply again.

Future ISGS plans:

  • Madrid (Autonoma University), Oct 2016, International theatre seminar: “The Politics of Theatre. Susan Glaspell and the Creation of US Modern Drama” (organizer: Noelia Hernando-Real);
  • Toulouse (Jean-Jaurès University), March 2016, American Theatre Project Lab: “(In)Visible Violence: Trifles by Susan Glaspell”;
  • Bordeaux (Bordeaux University), SSAWW conference: Roundtable and reading of Fugitive’s Return;
  • Galway, EONS Conference: Drew Eisenhauer’s panel on the women of the Provincetown Players.

Noelia asked members for their opinion on what should be done next, whether the Society should attend ALA in 2017 or wait until 2018. The members decided to check where the conferences will be next year (east or west coast) and then decide whether to apply. The question of the commitment with the “Five Drama Societies” at ALA was also raised and the members decided that continuance of this alliance should be investigated. Martha commented that since the governance is now in Europe, more events should be organized in Europe and American Glaspellians will find ways to attend.

Future publications include Emeline Jouve, Susan Glaspell’s Poetics and Politics of Rebellion (University of Iowa Press); Drew Eisenhauer and Jeff Kennedy’s anthology on the Provincetown Players; and Judith Barlow on women in O’Neill for the Eugene O’Neill Review.

Next Business Meeting:  Noelia proposed possible venues where the next ISGS business meeting could be held: Bordeaux in July 2017 seems a good option; Galway also in July 2017 was mentioned. No conclusions were drawn, so the Executive Council will decide where to meet again, depending on potential attendance.

2013 Business Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 25, 2013, at the ALA Conference, Boston.

In attendance: Cheryl Black, Martha Carpentier, Sharon Friedman, Noelia Hernando-Real, Basia Ozieblo, Michael Winetsky.

1) Martha Carpentier, on behalf of the International Susan Glaspell Society, thanked Sharon Friedman for organizing the “Theatre of Engagement” panel and Cheryl Black for organizing the concert reading of “Performing Bohemia.” She awarded Noelia Hernando-Real with a travel grant unanimously approved by the Executive Council.

2) Winner of Best Published Paper prize:

Noelia Hernando Real, “Sane Enough to Kill: On Women, Madness, and the Theatricality of Violence in Susan Glaspell’s The Verge.” Violence in American Drama: Essays on Its Staging, Meanings and Effects. Eds. Alfonso Ceballos Muñoz, Ramón Espejo Romero and Bernardo Muñoz Martinez. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2011.

3) President’s Report:

Martha summarized ISGS conference activities and publications since the last business meeting in 2011. The impressive list includes Drew Eisenhauer and Brenda Murphy’s Intertextuality in American Drama: Critical Essays on Eugene O’Neill, Susan Glaspell, Thornton Wilder, Arthur Miller and Other Playwrights (McFarland, 2013 which includes seven articles on Glaspell) and Noelia Hernando-Real’s Self and Space in the Theater of Susan Glaspell (MacFarland, 2011), dissertations (by Emeline Jouve, Ling Jian-e, and Michael Winetsky), performances, readings, and papers at the International Conference on Theatre and Drama (Seville 2012) and the Justice Served Symposia (MU, 2012). Cheryl Black announces that Milbre Burch won a prize for her piece “Sometimes I Sing” and that she got another prize for producing the Justice Served Symposia. Martha reminded us all  that the website is a blog, so that we can all share our accomplishments. We continue to accomplish the goals stated in the Society mission statement, increasing the visibility of Glaspell and her work in both academic and theatre communities. There is one issue that, however, worries us all and it is the diminishing number of members. There are 45 members now, after a high of 70 in 2010, and Martha reminded us all to keep recruiting in mind, particularly among graduate students. Martha announced that together with Noelia she will check if we are eligible and how to apply to MLA as a subgroup, since this would increase visibility, and hence numbers.

Martha informed the group about Chad Coffman, a college student and Davenport native who discovered a four page-story by “Susie Glaspell” hand-written in Feb 1893 titled “The Holy Grail: The Story of Sir Percival’s Sister” in the Davenport Public Schools archives. Martha showed copies of the original and her transcription. Martha added that Coffman believes he has discovered Glaspell’s birth house at 502 Cedar Street, which had been thought lost.

Martha informed us that our nomination of Glaspell didn’t make the cut for the National Women’s Hall of Fame, a lengthy application that was spearheaded by Ellen and prepared by Ellen, Noelia, Cheryl, Basia, and Martha.  They automatically roll unsuccessful nominations over to the next cycle for re-consideration (every two years, hence 2015).  Martha suggested that we use excerpts from this piece to update Wikipedia, which has gaps that could use filling in by the ISGS. Noelia noted that since it will be re-considered again, we should wait to use this material rather than publishing it online. Michael Winetsky affirmed he has been working on the Wikipedia and he will continue to do so.

4) Vice-President’s Report:

Noelia focused on the status of the Literary Encyclopedia entries, pointing to all the entries that need to be written.

Entries published between 2011 and the present meeting include Emeline Jouve’s Springs Eternal and Chains of Dew, Milbre Burch’s Chronology, and Michael Winetsky’s The Glory of the Conquered. Linda Ben-Zvi is working on Free Laughter, Sherry Engle on The Comic Artist, Drew on Lifted Masks and Michael Winetsky on Judd Rankin’s Daughter.

Cheryl is going to ask a student of hers to write the entry on Bernice, and Martha will write the entries on Norma Ashe and Ambrose Holt and Family, and she will ask a student of hers to do The Morning is Near Us and Mary Papke to write on The Visioning. Martha will also ask Patricia Bryan about writing the entry on Her America.

Additional Notices:

5) Martha announced the world premier of Springs Eternal scheduled for this September/October at the Orange Tree Theatre in London. Director Sam Waters finds the play very moving, and he’s very excited about finally bringing this work to the stage. He’ll also do a reading of Bernice at some point during the run. Thanks to J. Ellen Gainor for this great news. Noelia suggested asking Sam whether he would be interested in letting us organize a seminar as we did last time. Everybody finds this a good idea and Basia will ask Sam personally next June.

6) Martha mentioned briefly the progress of Emeline Jouve’s and her plans for Susan Glaspell’s Trifles and “A Jury of Her Peers”: A Centennial Celebration. Martha informed us of contributors who have already been accepted and noted that the CFP is still open until the end of June.

 7) Plans for the P’town Players and Trifles Centennial Conference:

The group decided to work with the Eugene O’Neill Society and set the Trifles centennial in 2016, when Trifles was first produced and Eugene O’Neill became a member. Also we agreed to assist Jeff Kennedy, EONS incoming President, in planning an event in P’town in the summer of 1915 to celebrate the beginning of the PPs themselves.

We agreed to form an “Ad Hoc Centennial Conference Planning Committee” to aid the ISGS Executive Council in planning the conference: to include Cheryl Black, Linda Ben-Zvi, J. Ellen Gainor, and Michael Winetsky.

It is set that the ideal place for our centennial is NYC, as it worked out so beautifully last time. We will count on Sharon Friedman’s help with space in the Gallatin School, and Jeff Kennedy has affirmed that he will be able to get the Playhouse again. The date will be towards the end of June. Martha and Noelia presented some topics for panels and asked the members to keep thinking about topics and to volunteer to chair panels. Some of the topics discussed were:

– Panel on biography (to be chaired by Basia)

– Panel on Jury’s publication history (to be chaired by Martha)

– Panel on Trifles/Jury and law (possibly to be chaired by Patricia Bryan)

– Panel on adaptations (film, theater, etc; to be chaired by Sharon)

– Panel on Intertextualities: Susan Glaspell/Eugene O’Neill (to be co-chaired by Noelia and a member of the Eugene O’Neill Society)

– Panel on Heterodoxy (possibly to be chaired by Blanche Wiesen Cook)

– Roundtable on Trifles in performance (possibly to be chaired by Sherry Engle)

Cheryl agreed to work on a script. It was also suggested that we could entice a local NYC theater group (some suggestions were the Mint or Metropolitian theaters) to do Trifles and Bound East for Cardiff, and that Milbre Burch could do her piece “Sometimes I Sing”. Jeff Kennedy also may assemble “notables,” such as the Gelbs and Tony Kushner, for a reading of these two pieces.

We still have to think about keynote speakers and contact them. Martha reminded us that J. Ellen Gainor may try to get Elaine Showalter, and Sharon offered to contact Carol Gilligan.  Financial support for such an eminent speaker must be addressed.

2011 Business Meeting Minutes

Saturday, June 25, 2011, at the Eugene O’Neill International Conference, Gallatin Building, NYU, New York City.

In attendance: Cheryl Black, Martha Carpentier, Drew Eisenhauer, Sherry Engle, Sharon Friedman, J. Ellen Gainor, Noelia Hernando-Real, Basia Ozieblo, Michael Winetsky.

1) Martha Carpentier, on behalf of the Susan Glaspell Society, thanked Sharon Friedman for organizing all the events of the SGS at the conference.

2) Winners of Best Conference and Best Published Paper prizes were announced:

Best Published Paper:

Michael Winetsky, “A Playwright of Pragmatism: Susan Glaspell’s Unity of Science and Religion,” Ecumenica Journal of Theatre and Performance, Spring 2009 (unanimous decision).

Best Conference Paper:

Sarah Withers, “Intertextuality on the Frontier in Susan Glaspell’s Inheritors,” given at ALA 2010, chair Drew Eisenhauer.

3) President’s Report:
Martha summarized SGS conference activities and publications since the last business meeting in 2009, an impressive list including books, performances, readings, and papers at ALA Boston, the International Conference on American Drama (Kean University, Union NJ), ATHE Los Angeles, and ALA San Francisco. We continue to accomplish the goals stated in the Society mission statement, increasing the visibility of Glaspell and her work in both academic and theatre communities. Remarkable performances include The Verge and Trifles at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater, with talkbacks with Sharon Friedman and J. Ellen Gainor; John Bilotta’s opera version of Trifles – libretto by John F. McGrew – which premiered at the 10th Annual Fresh Voices Festival; and Off-Off Broadway Zephyer Rep presented Chains of Dew, based on Cheryl’s adaptation, at the Wings Theater, NYC. Martha asked Cheryl to submit a brief report on this production to the website. Martha also suggested those who attend performances and panels leave constructive comments on the website, which is now a blog in which comments can be submitted to any post. Cheryl announced that she will direct Trifles next March at Missouri, and that Milbre Burch will perform her piece on Trifles.

Michael Winetsky said that the Five Drama Societies did not meet at ALA Boston, and that ALA is thinking about leaving the San Francisco and Boston intercalary conferences.

4) Membership and Finance Report:

Martha read Doug Powers’ report. Membership is up to 47 members. Martha highlighted that our paper prizes have attracted younger people, and that the graduate students who attended ALA also joined. Martha thinks we are doing fine in encouraging younger members. It is suggested that new members be welcomed personally by email.

Martha suggested that paying dues biannually may make things easier, particularly for non-US members. Martha reminded us that Seton Hall does not support PayPal, and is not likely to. Sharon wondered whether paying annually is psychologically sound. It was finally decided to keep the annual dues payment. Martha uploaded a membership renewal pdf online, so that members can print it out and send it to Doug with a check.

5) Vice-President’s Report:

Noelia focused on the status of the Literary Encyclopedia entries, pointing to all the entries that still need to be written.

Sharon will write the entry on Bernice, Sherry will do The Comic Artist, and, following Basia’s suggestion, Linda Ben-Zvi will be asked to write the entry on Free Laughter. Martha will write the entry on Norma Ashe, Michael Winetsky will do Judd Rankin’s Daughter, and Drew Lifted Masks. Martha will ask Patricia Bryan about writing the entry on Her America and Sarah Withers about doing Fidelity. Cheryl will ask Milbre Burch to build Glaspell’s chronology.

Noelia informed the group about the 4th International American Drama Conference to be held in Seville, May 20-30 2012. Noelia wants to put together a SG panel, and Cheryl suggested The People for the staged reading.

J. Ellen Gainor updated us on the status of the NWHF application written by Ellen, Basia, Martha, Cheryl and Noelia. This coming December is the end of the two-year cycle. If our application fails, we can get feedback to try again. Martha suggested that the SG entry on Wikipedia be replaced by the content of our NWHF form. Basia suggested waiting until the NWHF committee says something about Glaspell’s nomination, and her suggestion was unanimously accepted.

6) Webmaster’s Report:

Martha insisted that the new site is a blog, so we should all participate and keep it alive, especially the teaching blog which she added at members’ request.

Volunteers are needed to accomplish certain online tasks. Michael Winetsky volunteered to compose a list of links to online sources for Glaspell’s primary texts. Michael Winetsky also volunteered to create a SGS Facebook page, and to prepare a documentary on Susan Glaspell.

7) First item of business:

Martha proposed changing the name to “International Glaspell Society”. Since this will mean changing the wording of the by-laws, as per Article IV Section 4, this must be endorsed by the Executive Council and then go to the membership via e-mail for a vote of at least two-thirds in favor to pass.  The proposal passed unanimously by the Executive Council.

8) Future Plans:

The next Election will take place in 2012. Martha asked Judith Barlow to conduct the election via e-mail as in previous years. Martha will run for a second term as President; Noelia as Vice-President; hopefully Doug also as Membership and Finances Officer. Martha reminded us that there are no term limitations on Executive Council members as per by-laws, so the existing members could run again.

Next ALA will be in San Francisco in 2012. Sharon suggested Monica Stufft to chair a panel, or maybe Michael Winetsky. Cheryl says she is still thinking about ATHE and ATDS 2012.

Martha proposed holding a Susan Glaspell Conference at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, in August 2013, three days and four nights. Member Kirsten Shepherd-Barr is willing to be an onsite liaison. We need a minimum of 20 people to make it possible. Basia suggested a topic wide enough should be presented to bring in other scholars. Sharon suggested something like “Susan Glaspell and her Contemporaries: Globalism, Transnationalism and War.” Noelia will e-mail all members asking for panel proposals. Michael Winetsky suggested that we could hold a symposium, where sessions do not overlap, rather than a conference. Since this is an expensive event, Martha suggested using some of the society money to help some people attend or, as Basia pointed out, to lower the rate a little for everyone. The event will be made public in the US and abroad. Sherry will help through her British colleagues, especially Susan Croft. Everybody agreed this conference is a very good idea and that the next Business Meeting can be held at this conference.

Sharon and Ellen suggested holding an interdisciplinary conference to celebrate the centenary of Trifles in 2016. They envision attracting high profile speakers such as Elaine Showalter and Carol Gilligan. They think that, although expensive, NYC would be a good place to hold it, particularly since we have access to the Gallatin Building and theatre (thanks to Sharon) during the summer. However, another option may be Provincetown. Everybody agreed the SGS should honor this centenary and we will work on developing plans after the St. Catherine’s conference.

2009 Business Meeting Minutes

Friday, October 23, 2009 at SSAWW, Philadelphia.

In attendance: Judith Barlow, Cheryl Black, Martha Carpentier, Drew Eisenhauer, Sherry Engle, Sharon Friedman, J. Ellen Gainor, Noelia Hernando-Real, Ling Jian-e, Basia Ozieblo, Michael Winetsky.

1) President’s Report:
Basia summarized SGS conference activities and publications since the last business meeting in 2006, an impressive list including performances, readings, and papers at Delphi, Cadiz, London, New York, Missouri, and San Francisco. We continue to accomplish the goals stated in the Society mission statement, increasing the visibility of Glaspell and her work in both academic and theatre communities. The future looks bright, with plans for ALA 2010 in San Francisco to be organized by Drew Eisenhauer; the American Drama Conference in January 2010 at Kean College, NJ with SGS panel to be chaired by Linda Ben-Zvi; ATHE reading 2010 to be directed by Monica Stufft; panel and reading at the Eugene O’Neill Society Conference in Greenwich Village June 2011 organized by Sharon Friedman; and ALA Boston 2011. Future goals include increasing membership and publishing more in journals. Ellen volunteered to check Dissertation Abstracts to see if any dissertations other than Noelia’s, Drew’s and Michael’s have been produced since 2006.

2) Vice-President’s Report:
Martha forgot to work on the SGS logo as per the last business meeting; she will try to develop an image using Aline Fruhauf’s caricature of SG so that we can have a logo. Martha read Monica’s Membership and Finance Officer’s Report. We approved Monica’s decision to choose the non-profit, non-interest bearing account and to stay with the registered unincorporated non-profit association status. Discussion of overseas members’ payments ensued. Martha will pursue the idea of putting a Paypal option on the web site for all members.

3) Webmaster’s Report:
Members thanked Martha and approved her re-election as Webmaster. Martha encouraged members to send her information, pictures, and programs about this year’s events for the archives, and to provide input particularly in June when she usually updates the site. She also mentioned the need to create a copyrights page with Patricia Bryan’s (SGS member and attorney) latest statement about public domain.

4) Bibliographer’s Report: Martha will e-mail Mary Papke and ask whether she wishes to continue as SGS Bibliographer, and tell her that we need an update every six months and suggest the possibility of a graduate student to assist her. If Mary decides against continuing as Bibliographer, Ellen volunteered to take it on.

5) Nominations and Elections Officer:
Members thanked Judi Barlow for her willingness to conduct the upcoming election. Even though she is planning a trip to Thailand and Cambodia, she will attempt to complete the election process in November. Cheryl and Ellen agreed to be nominated for a second term on the Executive Council. Judi volunteered to check whether Monica wants to be nominated for a second term as Membership and Finance Officer. Basia noted that any by-law amendments approved at this meeting must receive a two-thirds vote by the full membership. Martha will send the amended by-laws for Judi to include on the ballot. Although according to the By-laws, Basia should continue as President till the end of the year, she and Martha have agreed that Martha should now take over as President.

6) Awards:
After much debate, it was decided that the SGS would 1) fund a grant to defray registration costs for graduate students and underemployed Glaspell scholars presenting papers on SGS-sponsored panels or participating in SGS readings at the American Literature Association Conference; and 2) the SGS would award biannual prizes of $100 for the best published paper and $50 for the best conference paper on any aspect of Susan Glaspell’s life and works. This award is open to nonmembers as well as SGS members. The awarding of all grant and prize monies is to be judged and determined by the Executive Council and will be announced at the biannual SGS Business Meeting. Grant requests and papers must be submitted to the Executive Council at least four weeks prior to the ALA Conference.

8) Proposed amendments:
Amendments to Article III, section 4 and Article II, section 1 passed unanimously and will be provided to Judi for inclusion in the ballot for all members to vote on.

9) Sharon, the SGS representative and organizer for the EONS Conference:
Reported on plans for the EONS Conference, scheduled for the last weekend in June, 2011. She got permission for the conference to use the Gallatin Theatre, plus a $500 grant from her dean to defray any costs of performing there. Sharon met with EONS organizers Brenda Murphy and Jeff Kennedy, and she proposed back-to-back readings of O’Neill and Glaspell one-acts, in addition to a Glaspell panel, possibly focusing on the cultural and historical background to her Provincetown plays. Cheryl is willing to direct the SGS readings (and, if asked, the O’Neill readings as well). Cheryl proposed another possible idea of incorporating O’Neill and Glaspell into a script she would devise focusing on the Greenwich Village institutions such as The Masses, the IWW, Liberal Club, and Heterodoxy, that inspired these playwrights. Michael Winetsky suggested that, based on his experience at the last EONS in California, there is a significant “cultural divide” between the EONS and ours that might make them less receptive toward such a collaboration. Sharon must find out what their performance plans are before we can proceed with our own.

10) Members unanimously approved holding the next business meeting at ALA 2011 in Boston.
Our association with SSAWW will not be severed and we can propose panels for SSAWW as desired, but given the new “Five Drama Society” association at ALA, we decided it would make a better venue in future for meetings.

11) Glaspell online:
Michael Winetsky will monitor and update the Wikipedia entry on Glaspell. Basia sought volunteers to continue the entries for Glaspell’s works on the Literary Encyclopedia online ( Basia has already done the biographical entry plus Trifles and The Verge; Noelia has done Alison’s House and several one-acts; Martha has done Fidelity, Brook Evans, and Fugitive’s Return. Links
to these may be found on the SGS web site External Links page

Cheryl volunteered to do Inheritors; Ellen will do Close the Book, Springs Eternal, and Chains of Dew; Drew will do Lifted Masks, and Michael will continue with the novels. Martha will e-mail everyone the URL and contact information.

12) New publications:
Michael has published an article in Ecumenica; Martha and Patricia Bryan’s Her America: “A Jury of Her Peers” and Other Stories by Susan Glaspell is forthcoming from University of Iowa Press and Martha described their discovery of the original publication of “A Jury of Her Peers” in Every Week with a different conclusion; Ellen and Linda’s Complete Plays is forthcoming in 2010 and Ellen reported their very exciting discovery of a new Glaspell one-act originally performed at a Provincetown festival, which is a political allegory about free speech.

2006 Business Meeting Minutes

The meeting was conducted on November 10 2006, at the SSAWW conference in Philadelphia, PA.

In attendance: Judith Barlow, Cheryl Black, Martha Carpentier, Drew Eisenhauer, Sharon Friedman, J. Ellen Gainor, Barbara Ozieblo, Mary Papke, Noelia Hernando-Real, Mike Solomonson.

1. President’s Report
President Barbara Ozieblo (Basia) welcomed members. She thanked Martha Carpentier for the time and effort she has put into developing the Society and the website, which was endorsed by all members present; she urged Martha to reimburse herself from the Society account for any personal monies spent (notably $100 on the Provincetown wine-and-cheese and miscellaneous amounts on paper and ink for flyers, etc.)

Basia gave a brief history of the formation of the Society at the ALA conference in Boston in 2003 by the founding members, including herself, Martha, Mary Papke, Marcia Noe, and Lucia Sander. “For three years of working as a society,” Basia stated, “we’ve done a lot.” She listed the major book publications to come out, including Linda Ben-Zvi’s 2005 biography and re-issue of Road to the Temple; Kristina Hinz-Bode’s study, SG and the Anxiety of Expression; Patricia Bryan and Tom Wolf’s Midnight Assassin; and most recently, Martha’s edited volume of critical essays from Cambridge Scholars Press and Martha and Basia’s long-awaited anthology of critical essays from Rodopi, Disclosing Intertextualities. Articles have been published by Cheryl Black and Sharon Friedman, among others. Judith Barlow’s critical anthology, Women Writers of the Provincetown Players, is forthcoming. J. Ellen Gainor’s 2001 study, SG in Context, is now out in paper. Entries on Glaspell and her works have been submitted by Basia and Martha to the Literary Encyclopedia online with more forthcoming from other members.

Basia reported that Society members have also been extremely productive with conference panels since 2003, presenting at ALA, Twentieth-Century Literature, ATDS and ATDS-sponsored panels at ATHE, The O’Neill Society Conference, and now SSAWW. Basia also praised performances of Glaspell’s work, including the 2005 Metropolitan Playhouse’s production of Inheritors, Mike Solomonson’s production of Intimations from the Brook, Monica Stufft’s production at Berkeley of Inheritors, and most recently Trifles performed by students at SuZhou University in China. Cheryl Black was thanked for her work directing conference readings of Glaspell’s plays.

Basia concluded that, having concentrated on publishing essays in anthologies, we need now to make ourselves more visible by increasing journal publications, and she added that work on the fiction particularly needs to continue. We also need to keep up our annual presence at conferences such as ALA and ATHE, and to continue to present dramatic readings of Glaspell plays, which has proven to be a successful way of broadening appreciation of her work.

2. Vice President’s Report
Vice President Martha Carpentier reported that the SG Society now has 45 members and that since the O’Neill Conference (which left our finances at zero), we had accrued $306 in membership dues. This was added to substantially by the box office proceeds of $1,365 from Mike’s production of “Intimations from the Brook,” which, it was decided by Valentina Cook and himself, should be donated to the Society. The present balance of SG Society funds is $1,671.00.

Martha handed out a form for all present members to renew membership and submit dues (which is now done annually in December, as per the By-laws). She will send the form out to other members not present at the meeting.

Martha asked whether it was appropriate or helpful for her to mail out a list of members to the members with addresses and e-mail addresses. Those present said that approval of all members would be required, and anyone who did not want to be included would have to be exempt. It was decided that the present method, sending notices by e-mail to Basia or Martha for forwarding on to the complete list of members, was working fine and should continue.

3. Discussion and vote on the SGS By-laws
Correction to Article I, Section 2 of “re-establishment” to “recognition” was proposed by Mary Papke.
Reasons for our formation as an affiliate society of SSAWW were discussed. The distinction between being an “affiliate” of SSAW and “under the umbrella” was established; we are an affiliate. This does not behoove us to have our Society meetings at SSAWW in future, nor does it require members of the Society to become members of SSAWW (unless presenting at a panel at SSAWW). It was suggested that if we get up to 75 members in the future maybe we could think then about forming an entirely autonomous society.

Martha Carpentier and Mary Papke confirmed their desire to continue in their present offices of Webmaster (not Webmistress!) and Bibliographer respectively, and they were unanimously approved as such by the members present.

Discussion of whether or not we should institute a Society Newsletter ensued: Judith Barlow asked whether it should be a newsy or scholarly newsletter and she commented that, since we want to get more Glaspell articles published in refereed journals, a newsletter of the scholarly model would be redundant. The website already functions effectively as a resource for Society news, so a “newsy” newsletter would also be redundant. Considering the amount of work involved, members agreed that it was not worthwhile at the present time to institute a newsletter, and that all references to the newsletter and Newsletter Director should be deleted from the By-laws.

Ellen Gainor requested that formal acknowledgment of Officers’ service to the Society come annually from the President in the form of a brief letter for the purposes of tenure and promotion. Basia agreed, and added that a letter from the Vice President attesting to the President’s service should be forthcoming as well. A record of Officers and previous Officers with terms of service should be kept on the website.

Article II, section 2 was revised. Judith Barlow and Cheryl Black agreed with Mary Papke that two elections officers would complicate matters unduly and are not both necessary; we can trust one person to do the job.

It was further decided that a new “Article III Elections” should be added, which would include the present Article I e, Section 2, and the following: “The Elections officer will send an e-mail to members soliciting nominations, then ask nominees if they are willing to serve, send nominations on to EC and, after receiving approval of nominees from EC, send out a ballot to members.”

It was agreed that minutes of Society meetings should not be published on the website, but just sent via e-mail to members. At some future date it may be possible to add a password-protected page to the website for members only where minutes could be safely recorded.

After discussion it was agreed (as per the present draft) that elections for officers should be conducted every three years and should not be staggered, but it was decided that the Vice President should ascend to the Presidency after one term serving as VP, and that therefore only a VP would be elected on the three year cycle. Neither the VP nor the President can, therefore, be re-elected for a second term.

Cheryl Black proposed reducing the “three Standing Members” of the Executive Council as stated in the draft to one. Mary Papke suggested emending it to read: “Two standing members, at least one of whom must be a graduate student representative.”

Members expressed disappointment with the present SSAWW conference as a venue for future Society meetings; attendance at this conference was smaller than expected and sufficient interest in Susan Glaspell has not been forthcoming. It was decided that we should meet annually, not biannually, and that, although ALA and ATHE are both possibilities, we should not limit ourselves now as to possible future venues. Rather the By-laws should read: “It shall be the duty of the Executive Council to determine an annual meeting at the ALA or another national or international conference.”

A quorum of the Executive Council should be stated as three members, and under “Article VI: Amendments and Policy Decisions,” add “a simple majority of those voting” is necessary to pass policy decisions; whereas any amendments to the By-laws must be endorsed by the Executive Council and can only be passed by a two-thirds majority of members.

It should be added to the By-laws that any persons presenting on SG Society-sponsored panels must become SG Society members.

A motion to approve these changes to the Society By-laws was proposed by Mary Papke, seconded by Cheryl Black, and ratified by a unanimous vote.

4. Nomination and vote on the Election Officer for elections to be held in December 2006.
Judith Barlow volunteered to serve as Election Officer and was unanimously applauded. After conferring with Basia, she will send out a request for nominations for the Membership and Finances Officer and the two standing members of the Executive Council, one of whom must be a graduate student (at the time of the election).

At the behest of members, Basia and Martha agreed to serve another three-year term in their present positions, Basia as President and Martha as Vice President. This means therefore that Martha will become President in January 2010. Their continued service in their present offices was unanimously endorsed by those present at the meeting, but Basia and Martha feel they should be voted on by the full membership in the election as well.

5. Approval of Elections Calendar
It was decided to leave all matters pertaining to the Elections Calendar to Judith.

6. Suggestions for future membership campaigns, future conferences, and the budget for 2007-2010.
Mary, Martha, and Basia urged that there be an SGS-sponsored panel at ALA every year. Although the deadline for ATHE 2007 has passed, the deadline for 2007 ALA is January 30. After discussion it was decided that the SGS-sponsored panel proposal for ALA 2007 should be: “Modernist Visions of the Grotesque: Glaspell, Barnes, and their Contemporaries.” Mary agreed to chair the panel if Martha would help with paperwork. Mary will send the CFP as soon as possible to Martha. Ellen and Basia will post the CPF on various listservs, and we will hope to have sufficient paper proposals in time for submission to ALA.

Possible Glaspell topics for ATDS-sponsored panels at ATHE or SGS sponsored panels at ATHE need to be developed, as well as a topic for ALA 2008. Some under consideration: American Identity, Sex and the City, Art and the Artist.

Mary suggested not doing the Louisville Twentieth-Century Lit conference in the future as it is perceived generally as a graduate student conference that accepts anything. It is more important for us to be consistent at the major conferences pertinent to Glaspell studies. Basia suggested that we may also consider a Glaspell panel at the next SSAWW conference, whenever that is to be.

Since it is difficult for Cheryl to attend ALA, Mike Solomonson offered his services to direct a reading of Inheritors at ALA 2008.

Regarding budget, Martha proposed establishing an annual prize for the best graduate student paper on Susan Glaspell. Although members liked the idea, it was felt that the process of calling for, receiving, and evaluating graduate student papers was beyond our capabilities at present, and the idea was tabled for future consideration. It was decided that we should conserve our financial resources for now.

7. Honorary Members
Valentina and Ariadne Cook were unanimously approved as Honorary Members. Martha admitted that she had already allowed Robert Sarlós to become an Honorary (i.e., unpaying) Member, at his request when she met him at the O’Neill conference, since at the time no Executive Council or other mechanism existed for approval of such members. Mary Papke proposed, and members all agreed, that in future no academics should be approved as Honorary Members. A modest fee of $10 exists for retired faculty.

8. Other suggestions, questions …
Martha will design a Society logo to go with the illustration of SG “and her jaunty bob” uncovered by Cheryl, and will send it out for members’ approval (members are also invited to send their logo ideas in to Martha); Martha received approval to use funds for an SG Society letterhead if necessary.