The International Susan Glaspell Society is very active in pursuing our stated mission through publication, conference panels and presentations, and staged readings. The Society offers many opportunities for new scholars of Glaspell’s work to present at major national and international conferences. Additional benefits of membership in this Society are lots of great conversation and association with a community of scholars who appreciate the work of Susan Glaspell and feel that she has been known only for “Trifles” and “A Jury of Her Peers” long enough! We encourage you to join us.

Dues for full-time faculty are $50 for a two-year membership; $25 for part-time or retired faculty, or for graduate students. Submit dues via the Paypal option on this site in dollars or euros.

If you are a first-time member, please fill out this application:

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    For more information, e-mail Drew Eisenhauer, ISGS Membership and Finance Officer, susanglaspellsociety@gmail.comDues are used solely to promote the ISGS Society mission as stated in the sidebar.

    Honorary Memberships are awarded by vote of the membership for non-academic theatre professionals as a lifetime award for significant achievement in staging and promoting Susan Glaspell’s drama.

    Lifetime Memberships at $300 are now an option for all ISGS members after ten years of membership in the Society.

    Lifetime Membership

    $300.00 (tax incl.)
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    If you are joining for the first time or your information has changed, print out the form and mail or e-mail it in addition to your payment.