Die Rose Im Sand, Stories

2023 is the year for new translations of Glaspell’s work! Announcing Die Rose Im Sand, Stories published by Dörlemann Verlag, translations of selected Glaspell short stories into German by professional translator, Henning Bochert. Only two of Glaspell’s novels have been translated into German, both before 1950, joined by “A Jury of Her Peers” a few years ago. Henning put in two years of research with support from the Berlin Senate, the German Translators Fund, and an ISGS translation grant, came to the U.S. and consulted with numerous Glaspell scholars, in order to reintroduce German readers to the enduring relevance of Glaspell’s work. He chose ten Glaspell stories from Lifted Masks (1912, 1993) and from Her America (2010, eds Bryan and Carpentier), with a focus less on the feminist aspects of Glaspell’s work, which have been in the foreground of research since the 1970s, and more on the class issues in her short prose.

Herausgegeben, aus dem Amerikanischen übersetzt und mit einem Nachwort versehen von Henning Bochert
288 Seiten. Fadenheftung. Leseband
€ [D] 26.00 / € [A] 26.80 / SFr. 35.00 (UVP)
ISBN 9783038201342

Als eBook erhältlich!
eBook ISBN 978-3-03820-900-3
€ 19.99


To read an interview with Henning about translating Glaspell’s work: https://henningbochert.de/en/?s=glaspell

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