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Vladimir Putin

October 2022International News

Russia Enlists Draft to Bolster Russian-Ukrainian War

Russian President Vladimir Putin has enlisted a new draft of 300,000 soldiers in order to bolster its troops in the Russian-Ukrainian War. Despite many initial theories that Russia invading Ukraine would be a quick operation ending in Russian victory, The Ukrainian army has shown that they are a threat to Russian forces.

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April 20222022International News

Russia Accused of Atrocities as Massacre Continues in Ukraine

On April 3,  Ukraine accused Russia of committing a massacre of the Ukrainian people located in Bucha, a city located north of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. The accusations arose following Russia’s retreat from Kyiv. Numerous images and videos being circulated show the violence Russian soldiers inflicted upon the Ukrainian citizens. Images show numerous atrocities, such as a picture of at least twenty male corpses, lining a singular street in Bucha.

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October 2020International News2020Europe

Arrest of Russian Mercenaries in Belarus Impact Eastern European Security

According to CNN, Belarusian security forces arrested 33 Russian mercenaries on charges of terrorism and destabilization prior to the country’s contested election in August. The mercenaries work for Wagner, a private military firm known to be the righthand of the Russian military. Wagner is believed to be sponsored by St. Petersburg businessman and oligarch, Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The BBC reports that the firm is also believed to be covertly overseen by Russia’s military intelligence service, the GRU.

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