Author: Dana Gaudioso

Sports Business and CultureCultureApril 2024

Fundraising effect on elections: Can Money Dictate Election Results?

A common belief among political scientists is that money is a crucial necessity when trying to win a presidential election. Both United States President Joe Biden and former U.S. President Donald Trump are highly aware of this fact and have spent months raising millions of dollars for their presidential campaigns. Election campaigns have never been more expensive.

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September 20232023International News

Russia Looks to North Korea to Resupply its Arsenal

Vladimir Putin invited Kim Jong Un to Russia in hopes of striking a deal with the leader of North Korea to replenish its depleting weapons arsenal. This meeting has stirred fear in the West as many are concerned that it may lead to Russia giving North Korea the nuclear weapon technology it’s been lacking for the last decade due to United Nations (UN) sanctions, according to CNN.

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