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The Envoy recruits writers through a rolling application process. During the fall, we focus on recruiting Diplomacy freshmen and transfer students who are interested in putting foreign policy analysis and critical thinking skills into practice, learning basic journalism and newswriting, and experiencing a dynamic newsroom atmosphere. As part of their training, new staff members are tasked with writing news exclusively for the website.

Interested individuals can address their inquiries to the Managing Editor at

What We Do:

The Editor-in-Chief oversees the content and layout of each print issue, and also takes the lead in pitching articles for the newspaper and the website. They set the Envoy’s publication schedule and distribution plans each semester. Additionally, the EIC is responsible for the Focus and Alumni sections, which entails copy editing and assigning articles. Every month, the EIC holds a proofreading session with the Managing Editor and Layout Editor, after which the EIC meets the Faculty Advisor for final editing before proofs are sent to the publisher for printing.

The Managing Editor handles administrative tasks, including the Envoys email, archives, and social media accounts. They are primarily responsible for recruiting new writers, drafting editor contracts, and communicating with the staff, faculty, and administration on behalf of the editorial board. They also copy edit and assign articles for the School of Diplomacy News, Foreign Correspondents, and Faculty Spotlight sections.

The Associate Editor provides support to the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor whenever necessary. They are the lead editor for every article published weekly on the website, responsible for assigning and proofreading weekly articles within 24 hours. Most importantly, the Associate Editor manages and updates the Envoy Writing Guide.

The News Editor takes the lead for all 10 articles in the International News section, assigns writers, and copy edits initial news drafts for each print issue. The News Editor is the in-house expert for AP Style and newswriting, and writes leads, headlines, and captions for accompanying images.

The Opinion Editor helps writers assigned to the Opinion section to find their voice and express their positions clearly and concisely, aside from assigning and copy editing opinion pieces. The Opinion Editor also assists the News Editor in copy editing news articles whenever necessary.

The Layout Editor preserves the uniform aesthetic of the newspaper. They work with the Editor-in-Chief in designing the layout for each issue. The Layout Editor takes part in monthly proofreading sessions with the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor before proofs are submitted to the Faculty Advisor. The Layout Editor is responsible for training their successor, who must shadow them for at least a semester, in the Envoy’s graphics preferences and Adobe InDesign.

The Web Editor maintains the Envoy website, ensures that links are working correctly, updates information pages whenever necessary, prepares all weekly articles for publication on Mondays at 8:00AM, and posts articles that appear in the print newspaper every month. They are responsible for sourcing images and ensuring that each image is properly attributed. The Web Editor is responsible for training their successor, who must shadow them for at least a semester, in managing a WordPress platform and basic HTML coding.

The Social Media Liasion is responsible for keeping the Envoy’s Facebook and Instagram up to date. They send out the weekly pitches and keep writers updated on meetings. As part of their social media responsibilities, they promote the Weekly News Brief, a summary of new articles posted on the website every Monday at 8:00AM.


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