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March 20242024SportsSports Business and Culture

Beginning of Formula One’s 2024 Season Revs Up Controversy

he race to be the 74th Formula One (F1) world driver champion has commenced and the start of the new season has brought many controversies – principally, Red Bull Racing’s team principal being accused of inappropriate behavior, changing Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) regulations, and Lewis Hamilton’s first title is at risk of being overturned.

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March 20242024Sports Business and CultureCultureFeminism

Girl Math: Redefining Spending Habits

Living in a digital age means that social media platforms continue to play an integral role in shaping societal norms and behaviors. Among the myriad of trends that have emerged, the concept of “Girl Math” has gained traction, particularly among millennials and Gen Z. Though its name may seem unserious at first glance, this phenomenon offers insights into the complex relationship social media influences towards people’s approach to personal finance. 

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Starbucks Boycott Raises Questions of Ethical Investing Practices

Starbucks has recently faced backlash due to its perceived stance and position on pressing social issues tied to the Israel-Gaza conflict. Protests at Starbucks locations can be traced back to the company’s lawsuit against Starbucks Workers United which seemingly began in opposition to the union’s public demonstration of solidarity with Palestine.

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January 2024Sports Business and CultureBusiness

Navigating Market Volatility Through Election Cycles

As the U.S. approaches the presidential election, stock market concerns about the outcome may be overstated. Examining the complexities of the relationship between election cycles and market performance helps investors make informed decisions to navigate market volatility confidently, prioritizing their long-term strategies through short-term political fluctuations.

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