Author: Christopher Benítez Cuartas

Summer 2022Analysis2022

The Immigration Crisis Isn’t Ideological, It’s Situational

The U.S.-Mexico border is notorious for frequent, numerous arrests, smuggling incidents, deportations, and overall mayhem, caused by an uncontrolled influx of migrants attempting to gain entrance into the United States. An overwhelming majority of people stranded at the border trying to enter the U.S. illegally are from Central America, most notably the Northern Triangle, comprising Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

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February 2022FocusSports Geopolitics2022

FOCUS on Sports Geopolitics: The Olympics

Those who follow sports in some way will know that politics always get involved no matter how much fans wish otherwise. As has been shown this year, domestic and international politics have characterized the Olympic Games, as the most international and inherently political non-political event there is. With the 2022 Beijing games ongoing, it is worth remembering that the Olympics’ thrust into political spotlights isn’t new.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson May Lose Job Over “Partygate” Scandal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s political career may be in danger as allegations swirl that he attended a 50-person Christmas party at 10 Downing Street while the rest of England was under lockdown. According to BBC News, Johnson also hosted a “bring your own booze” event with around 100 invitees in May of 2020. The revelations have sparked speculation Johnson may have to step down, and that a Conservative party election will determine a new party leader and prime minister.

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October 2021Eastern EuropeInternational News

Czech Prime Minister Andrez Babis loses election in surprise defeat

Czech voters gave Prime Minister Andrej Babiš a narrow surprise defeat on Saturday, October 9 during the country’s general election. Babiš and his party, ANO 2011, lost after the two partner parties in his coalition, the Communist and Social Democratic parties, failed to get elected according to the proportional representation system used to elect the lower chambers.

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