Author: Madeline Kruszczynski

2024April 2024International News

Cuba Facing Cash and Food Shortages

When Americans talk about Cuba, a complex and perhaps dated narrative unfolds. People may think of communism, echoes of the Cold War, and the enduring impacts of widespread embargoes, which are all representative of the geopolitical and ideological differences between Cuba and the United States in the 1950s. However, since the thawing of the Cold War in the late eighties, Cuba has undergone a path marked by development juxtaposed by persistent stalls in progress in various spheres.

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2024March 2024GlobalWorldInternational NewsMiddle East

FOCUS on: Ceasefire/Peacemaking Efforts in Yemen

Yemen has been identified as the most impoverished Arab nation, as the country grapples with one of the most severe humanitarian crises in history. This crisis stems from a prolonged civil war that began in 2014 and has resulted in the Houthi militant group maintaining control over the region. With the recent escalation of the War in Gaza, the future of the region’s security and continued peace in Yemen hangs in uncertainty.

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2024January 2024

Conflict with Houthi Militants Escalates in Red Sea

This collective sentiment has garnered a heightened sense of pride and unity against what the population sees as the common enemy- Israel. Moreover, as prominent global actors, including the U.S., engage in dialogue and negotiations with the Houthi faction, the Yemeni population has begun to see the Houthis as a more legitimate governmental body, despite not being officially recognized as Yemen’s government.

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