Honoring Nurses from Setonia & Contributions to Society

The nursing profession has always been among the most respected careers in light of their selfless dedication to the health and welfare of patients in their care.  October 13th has been designated “National Emergency Room Nurses Day” throughout the United States in honor of those who work in situations that require added patience and attention to those in need. Seton Hall has been a proud training ground for many nurses who have chosen to serve society upon graduation from the school.

Seton Hall College Nursing Education Catalog(ue)/Bulletin Cover, 1940

Seton Hall established its College of Nursing in 1940 and from the starting Points of Purpose included the following objectives . . .

The aim of the School of Nursing Education of Seton Hall College is to provide educational opportunities leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing education for the following types of students:

  1. Graduate nurses who wish to prepare for positions as teachers, supervisors and administrators in schools of nursing and hospitals.
  2. Nurses particularly interested in Public Health Service.
  3. Properly qualified high school graduates who wish to entre the nursing profession.
  4. Hospital administrators or those preparing for such positions.

From that point forward quality instruction by dedicated professionals too numerous to name here, but whose names and course information can be found within our holdings.  Presently, we have been working with a valued Nursing History Committee which has provided incredible support to the Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center over the last few years.  This includes Professor Jane Dellert, Professor Eileen Donnelly, Professor Ann Elkas, Professor Gloria Essoka, Professor Margaret Howard, Professor Carolyn Rummel, Professor Mary Ann Scharf, and Professor Mary Ann Whiteman in particular.

Nursing Students in Biology Laboratory, c. 1966

Each of these scholars has also collaborated to the creation and content management associated with a special Research Guide dedicated to the History of the Nursing Program at Seton Hall University that can be accessed via the following link . . .


Nursing Program Promotional Booklet Cover, c. 1962

Additionally, the following print resources are presently available for research view by appointment found via our ArchivesSpace holdings site  . . .


For more information about the College of Nursing and other aspects of University History please feel free to contact us via e-mail: archives@shu.edu or by phone at: (973) 761-9476