Author: Brianna Martin

Marines Make Gains in Solomon Islands

In the first land offensive of the war by American forces, Marines overtook several small Solomon Islands. The islands, sometimes referred to as the southern outposts of the Japanese empire, have been held by American troops against many Japanese attempts to retake the land. The initial US attack on the Solomon Islands took place in the early morning hours of August 7, coming as a complete surprise to Japanese forces stationed on the islands. While the Marines prepared to land, carrier-based planes attacked enemy positions and waiting warships used their large guns to clear the area for the arriving...

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Military Reserves Turn To Women

By Brianna Martin and Dominique McIndoe The idea of men and women serving in the military, side-by-side, is revolutionary and, to some, improper. But a version of this reality is slowly coming to fruition in the United States through the creation of women’s military reserves. With all available men needed for combat assignments, the military – much like the civilian work force – has a shortage of personnel to perform support duties. To fill these positions, the armed forces are seeking out women. Although men will continue to do the fighting, the army has opened its doors to women...

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