Author: Katelyn Fatzler

Gold Star Mothers: Their Grief and Resilience

Louisiana Governor Sam Jones escorted the state’s first gold star mother of World War II into a Youngsville church. Inside a High Requiem Mass was being held in honor of her son, Sidney Larriviere, who died on the U.S.S. Kearny. It was a Nazi torpedo that caused the first U.S. Navy casualties of the war since the U.S’s official involvement. There were 11 men who perished together in the North Atlantic, each from a different state: Illinois, California, North Carolina, Ohio, New York, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Another mother, Jennie Dobnikar, an immigrant from Slovenia, has...

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War jumpstarts economy; experts predict postwar spending wave

War production has revived the United States’ economy following years in a depression, with dramatic increases in employment opportunities and productivity. But the nation could be in for an even greater boom after the fighting ends. Spikes in spending are expected to follow the war, according to Arthur Upgren, chief of the national economics unit of the Department of Commerce. Upgren, who presented his ideas in a meeting of the American Marketing Association. The prediction for a spending wave is based on the outcome of the First World War. That’s when large shipments of goods were sent to Europe, consumers...

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Cagney captains latest blockbuster

Captains of the Clouds, starring James Cagney, delivers an inspiring story about an unlikely hero who takes to the skies against the Nazis. Directed by Michael Curtiz, the film follows Cagney’s character Brian MacLean from his role as a bush pilot into the depths of World War II. Co-starring Dennis Morgan as MacLean’s rival pilot Johnny Dutton and Brenda Marshall as Dutton’s girlfriend Emily Foster, the initial plot surrounds the competitive nature of life as a bush pilot in the Canadian wilderness. MacLean is shown seizing any money-making opportunities that come his way, regardless of ethical concerns. He cons one customer of...

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Senate Approves Aid for Small Business

The Senate passed a bill designed to provide production materials and orders to small businesses. With a vote of 81 to 0, it was sent to the House for approval on April 1. The goal is to create a Smaller War Plants Corporation that would exist under the War Production Board (WPB). A total of $100 million would be allotted to the corporation to assist small businesses with loans or advances. The money could then be spent on conversion, expansion, or working capital. Chairman of the Senate Committee of Small Business, Senator James Murray, said that small business was “at the...

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Female riveter aids war production

In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor and the declaration of war, many people felt the urge to support the war effort. One Bronx woman, Mary Kaminsky, decided to do just that by applying to work at a General Motors automotive factory in Linden, N.J. The factory, now used for U.S. military plane production, hired 18-year-old Kaminsky as a riveter for fighter planes. The work of a riveter is intensive and dangerous, but that doesn’t stop Kaminsky from making the two-and-a-half-hour commute to Linden, N.J. Accompanied by her older sister, Kaminsky travels by trolley from the Bronx to the train,...

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