Death of More Soldiers Further Shakes French Involvement in Sahel

n attack by an unidentified extremist group left 14 Burkina Faso soldiers dead in their country’s portion of the Sahel on November 11. The Sahel region, which stretches from Senegal in the West to Eritrea in the East, has experienced an increase in violence from extremist groups like al-Qaeda and the self-proclaimed Islamic State, leading to the deaths of over 2,000 people in Burkina Faso alone.

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Sparrows: The New Frontier of Recruiting

Throughout the evolution of business practices, there has been a noticeable shift in what attributes a recruiter looks for in a candidate. Instead of solely focusing on tangible skills and traits, personality had begun to play a huge role in the recruiting process. Sparrows, a start-up in Palo Alto, California, has recognized and fully embodied this shift.

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Vatican Report Tarnishes Reputation of John Paul II, Benedict XVI-Clears Francis

A new Vatican report has revealed that Pope John Paul II ignored reports about ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s sexual misconduct. This discovery has led many to question his legacy as one of the most beloved and admired Catholic leaders in recent history.

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