Reflections on the Year of COVID-19

Students didn’t want campus looking the way it did or classes to operate the way they did, and neither did the administration. We all miss the way things used to be. But, despite all obstacles, the administration delivered a school year. That in and of itself is something to celebrate.

European Super League Crumbles Amid Fan Backlash

The idea of a European “Super League” consisting of the best soccer teams on the continent has been long rumored to be in the works. These type of plans can be traced all the way back to the 1990s, if not earlier, as television networks and clubs look to maximize the profit they can make with higher quality competitions. However, 2021 saw this idea taken further than ever before, with an announcement coming in April that teams had already agreed to join a closed off continental competition.

Are Social Media Creators Using Us?

The number of options that users can access when it comes to how they share information is adapting with the demand of its audience, but how can these creators keep up with the trends and profit from the increase of users? The answer lies behind microtargeting and monetization.

The Broadcast Live of the Former Officers Charged in George Floyd’s Murder

Derek Chauvin’s murder trial was the first Minnesota criminal trial that will be broadcasted live on TV. It will not be the last. Some in the Minnesota legal officials were troubled about permitting the live transmission of Chauvin’s trial in the murdering of George Floyd, yet the video channel had no serious issues and reinforced the public’s comprehension of the preliminary, Minnesota Public Radio News reported.  

Is Thrift Shopping Unethical?

Along with the trending hobby of thrift shopping, social media savvy fashionistas popularized haul videos featuring the amount of clothing they find at such low prices – and many of those videos racking up millions of views. While this helps the environment by buying second hand and not falling into fast fashion, clothing resale can also negatively challenge those that are looking for clothing at a low price.

Apple’s (Too) Thin Macs

On April 20th, Apple had their first release event of the year as the tech giant rolled out a few new gadgets for the awaiting masses. The day was packed with big product announcements like the new iPad Pro which runs on M1 processors, smaller news like the release of the Air Tag and the revamped Apple Pencil, and positive PR changes like the pledge to become completely carbon neutral by 2030. However, everyone will be sure to agree that the main event was the new Mac design.