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Category: Articles 2015-2019

A Model Student

While working at an Abercrombie & Fitch store on Long Island during high school, Mark Perini ’09 was chosen to represent the retail clothing shop as a model in a New York City casting call. At first he didn’t want to go, thinking he would be out of place. He couldn’t have been more wrong.…

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Why Seton Hall Feels Like Home for Tony Bozzella

Tony Bozzella ’89 uses his credentials and location when he sells the Seton Hall women’s basketball program to recruits. He talks about his up-tempo offense and his reputation as a players’ coach. He points to his record of turning struggling programs into winning ones. And he promotes Seton Hall itself — the academic and athletic…

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Biggio’s Big Moment

After 20 years with the Houston Astros and a storied career in baseball, former Seton Hall catcher Craig Biggio is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

On a sunny summer afternoon in Cooperstown, N.Y., the place all baseball players dream of, delivering a speech from a stage on a lush green lawn, Craig Biggio looked out onto a crowd of fans displaying the orange of the Houston Astros, the team he spent his entire career with.

But he also saw a splash of something else. “Pirate blue,” he said later.

“It didn’t go unappreciated.”

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The Ripple Effect

A series of scholarships established in the name of Army Capt. Gregory T. Dalessio ’00/M.A. ’04, who died while on duty in Iraq, allow his spirit of generosity to live on.

Had Army Capt. Gregory T. Dalessio ’00/M.A. ’04 returned from the war in Iraq, would he have pursued a career in diplomacy? Or would he have become a social worker or a teacher — or even a priest? He had considered all these possibilities.

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On The Path To Peace

Faculty at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations do more than teach about conflict resolution and reconstruction in the classroom. They actively engage in the process of fostering and maintaining peace abroad.

But it was his first participation in the peace process in Mozambique that left an indelible mark. The journey that would take Bartoli to the southeast African nation numerous times began in Italy in the 1970s.

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Redefining the History of Man

Professor Rhonda Quinn played a key role on a team of scientists who discovered the world’s oldest stone tools in Kenya. Their research could upend our ideas about human evolution.

Rhonda Quinn doesn’t mind being wrong. In fact, she welcomes the sudden quake of a discovery that challenges what she knows and has been teaching her Seton Hall students.

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