Registration time, Pirates!

As per our Housing License Agreement (that long document you agree to before you complete the Roommate Survey/Housing Application), you must be registered as a full-time student (which means 12 or more credits) unless you are graduating next semester to live in housing.

In other words, if you’re not signed up for classes for Fall 2017, you cannot select a room during Room Selection, no matter how many Priority Points you’ve accumulated. 

Check out the Seton Hall University registration schedule here and do everything you can to get registered for Fall 2017 before it’s time for you to pick a room.

Priority Points and Priority Point Appeals

A student’s outcome in Room Selection is largely based upon the number of Priority Points they earn. Priority Points are earned in four categories:

GPA Priority Points  
3.75-4.0 10  
3.50-3.74 9  
3.25-3.49 8  
3.0-3.24 7  
2.75-2.99 6  
2.50-2.74 5  
2.25-2.49 4  
2.00-2.24 3  
1.80-1.99 2  
Less than 1.80 1  
Judicial Status Priority Points
No record 10
Disc. Reprimand 9
1+ Disc. Rep 8
Probation I – 1 sem 6
Probation I – 1 year 4
Probation II 1
Suspension 0
Expulsion 0


Campus Involvement
Activity Priority Points
Club/Org Exec Board up to 5
High Involvement up to 4
Average Involvement up to 3
Low Involvement up to 2
Level of involvement determined by Exec Board of reporting club. Club must submit their roster by Feb. 28th for you to get credit.
Intramurals up to 2
On-Campus Employment – 1 semester 1
On-Campus Employment – 2 semesters 2
Athletic Event Attendance up to 2


Res Hall Citizenship
Activity Priority Points
Program Attendance 1-8
Based on avg # of programs attend by hallmates.
Hall Council and Citizenship 1-2
Based on participation in Hall Council & demonstrating model citizenship


Students who qualified for Room Selection received their Priority Point totals via SHU email on Thursday, March 16th.  Any student wishing to appeal their Priority Point total must do so by 11:59pm on Sunday, March 19th.  To allow ample time for considering your appeal, please allow 2 business days from the date of your email for a response.