Email to Incoming Freshmen Qualified to Select a Roommate

Sent on May 5th, 2014

May 5, 2014
Dear ,
Congratulations on your acceptance to Seton Hall University! We are happy to say we have received your housing deposit by the May 1st deadline and are excited to welcome you to our community –your home at The Hall- this coming August!
Because you have met our deposit deadline, you are qualified to select a roommate or roommates of your choice. Instructions on how to select a roommate can be found at this link: Roommate Selection Instructions.
Some important notes about Roommate Selection before you begin:
• You do not have to select a roommate. If you have not met anyone you would like to live with, we will use our housing software and the answers to your Roommate Survey to match you up with someone as best as we can.
• You may only select a roommate from the other students of the same gender who have also qualified to select a roommate. There are 660 students qualified for roommate selection which is over half of the freshmen class. If your friend’s name does not appear in our system, they did not meet our deposit deadline. We cannot make exceptions to this.
• All roommate requests must be made by 3pm on July 1st so we may begin making room assignments immediately after.
• If you only pick one roommate, you may be placed in a triple room with another random roommate, as 30% of our rooms on campus are triple-occupancy rooms. This is done randomly by our software and room type or building requests are not accepted.
• Room assignments and roommate names will be emailed to you in mid-July to your SHU Email address. Assignments are not confirmed until this email has been sent to you.
• If your plans have changed and you do not plan to live on campus at Seton Hall University, please complete the Housing Assignment Cancellation Form for a refund of your housing deposit.
• For more helpful tips on selecting a roommate check out our website just for freshmen and follow us on Twitter and Facebook at @SetonHallHRL.
Freshmen move-in day will be Thursday, August 21st. You’ll receive your specific move-in time when you receive your housing assignment in July. While you’re planning out your new room, be sure to check out our What to Bring List and our Fire Safety Guidelines for what’s not permitted.
Good luck for the rest of your school year and let us know if you have any questions. We’ll see you at Pirate Adventure! Go Pirates!

Cheryl Janus
Assistant Director – Housing Operations & Marketing