Priority Points will be out on Friday

Priority Points will be emailed to students this Friday and will include a break-down of what you received for each category as well as your Priority Point total.

This was a terrific year for Priority Points! Here are the facts that prove it:

  • There are over 1200 students who are eligible to participate in Room Selection.
  • Of those, the average student earned a total of 26 Priority Points – that’s 3 points higher than last year’s average!
  • Pirates are smart – the average total for academics was 7 points! That equates to an average GPA of 3.00-3.24!
  • Because everyone’s so busy studying, they’ve got no time to make poor choices so our average judicial points total is an almost perfect 9!
  • Res Hall Citizenship and Campus Involvement points are both tied at 5.
  • 69% of the eligible students received credit for athletic event attendance – Go Pirates!
  • 42% of the eligible students received credit for intramurals participation!
  • Res Life staffers submitted 105 names for Star Resident points!
  • And when our Pirates aren’t busy studying, keeping their nose clean, and playing or watching sports, almost 29% of them are working somewhere on campus! (We <3 our HRL OAs!)
  • 110 clubs and organizations submitted Priority Point rosters this year.

Online Room Selection = EASY!

Room Selection has been moved online for the 2009-2010 academic year and it’s as easy as buying concert tickets online.  Check out these two videos to see what we mean:

We’ll be sending out instructions to students who are eligible to participate in Room Selection soon so check your email. 

Room Selection will be held during the week of April 20th.

Have you checked out the Dining Services website yet?

If not, here’s what you’re missing:

  • Know what’s on the menu for today before you get to the caf – every station!
  • Share your thoughts in the suggestion box- tell Nate his pizza’s great or Eugene he’s a fryin’ machine!
  • Check out the upcoming theme meals – the joke’s on us for April Fools Day when GDS is serving breakfast for lunch!

Check out the site when you’re done reading this!

Why is Xavier Hall the only hall open on-campus during Easter break?

In an effort to go green and reduce energy usage, we have decided to only open Xavier Hall for on-campus break housing for this upcoming Easter break.  Ora, Turrell, and UC will still be open for registered residents to stay over break but Boland will no longer serve as a break housing space.

This decision wasn’t made in haste. Our staff conducted a survey of how many students, on average, stay in Boland Hall during breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks.)  Our numbers showed:

  • While many students register to stay in Boland Hall during break, few actually do.  This was found out by checking the amount of card swipes for entry into Boland Hall during break housing days.
  • The number of students who stay in Boland could easily fit in Xavier Hall during the break, as the majority of Xavier residents go home for breaks.

Boland is, by far, our largest hall. By shutting it down for a few days over Easter, we can save a lot of money in electricity, heating, water, and air conditioning usage.  Not only is the money the University saves green, but the lack of energy consumption helps contribute to a greener environment as well!

So Boland residents who need break housing – go ahead over to Xavier and meet Jossie or RaeAnne.  They can help you make friends with their residents who will allow you permission to stay in their rooms.  Just don’t forget to register for break housing on your Housing Profile before halls close on April 9th @10am! 

Welcome to Housing@TheHall!

Welcome to HRL’s brand new blog!  Here you can read about what’s happening in Housing at Seton Hall and learn more about processes, policies, and people.  Stay tuned, because while the year is almost over, we’re just springing into action!

In the mean time, check out our website for more exciting news or to read more about Housing & Residence Life.