Priority Points will be out on Friday

Priority Points will be emailed to students this Friday and will include a break-down of what you received for each category as well as your Priority Point total.

This was a terrific year for Priority Points! Here are the facts that prove it:

  • There are over 1200 students who are eligible to participate in Room Selection.
  • Of those, the average student earned a total of 26 Priority Points – that’s 3 points higher than last year’s average!
  • Pirates are smart – the average total for academics was 7 points! That equates to an average GPA of 3.00-3.24!
  • Because everyone’s so busy studying, they’ve got no time to make poor choices so our average judicial points total is an almost perfect 9!
  • Res Hall Citizenship and Campus Involvement points are both tied at 5.
  • 69% of the eligible students received credit for athletic event attendance – Go Pirates!
  • 42% of the eligible students received credit for intramurals participation!
  • Res Life staffers submitted 105 names for Star Resident points!
  • And when our Pirates aren’t busy studying, keeping their nose clean, and playing or watching sports, almost 29% of them are working somewhere on campus! (We <3 our HRL OAs!)
  • 110 clubs and organizations submitted Priority Point rosters this year.

Author: Cheryl McCloskey

Former Assistant Director for Housing Operations & Marketing at Seton Hall University. I handled room assignments, meal plans, billing, social media, and supervise the RHD for Turrell and Ora as well as the Housing Operations Coordinator. Wife to Ryan, dog mom to Lucky McLovin'. Seton Hall MASC '12, Sacred Heart University '01 and '03 MAT. Go Pirates!