Resident Assistant applications are due this Friday!

For students who have expressed interest in becoming Resident Assistants for the 2017-2018 academic year, applications are due this Friday, January 20th at 12 PM.

Those interested have attended Information Sessions to express their interest in a position with our office.

Anyone who successfully completes an application, meets our minimum GPA requirement of 2.75, and has a clear judicial record will be invited to attend Group Process on Friday, January 27th.

Those who perform well in Group Process will be invited to interview with a member of our professional staff the week of February 6th.

Housing and Residence Life would like to thank Michael Davis, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, for working with our office to provide students the opportunity to attend both sorority recruitment and Group Process.

Remembering: The Boland Hall Fire

Every year on January 19th, the University stops and remembers. We remember the lives of three students who tragically lost their lives in a fire which took place in Boland Hall on January 19th, 2000. We remember the 58 students who were injured.   We remember the names of the three boys Aaron Karol, Frank Caltabilota and John Giunta. Every day we remember these young men by the ringing of the Jubilee Bell tower and the Remember Circle in front of Boland Hall.

Commuters are welcome, too

If you’re a commuter and want the ability to visit your resident friends between day classes to hang out or collaborate on group projects, SGA and HRL have teamed up with a solution: Commuter Hall Access Privileges.

Commuters who wish to apply for Commuter Hall Access Privileges can complete an application on PirateNet under the Housing Profile (found on the Profile and Finances tab.)

Commuters wishing to have these privileges must agree to the following parameters:

  • provide accurate emergency contact information on the following screens.
  • re-enroll each semester to continue Commuter Hall Access Privileges.
  • leave my SHU ID card at the front desk of the building they are visiting
  • regularly check my SHU Email for any potential updates regarding this privilege.
  • maintain a clear balance on my SHU Account.
  • abide by the hours (9:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri) of this Access Privilege.

There is no charge for this privilege but students found in violation of any of the above will result in loss of the privilege for remainder of year.  Violation of any University or HRL policies, while in the residence hall, will be treated under community standards process.


Lamps, extension cords and multi-plug adaptors, Oh my!

Starting the week of the 23rd, in hall staff will be starting curtsey checks! An RA and a professional staff member will be going into each rooms to look for any items or actions that are prohibited as per our fires safety manual. If an item (lamp with a plastic shade, multi-plug adaptors, etc.) is found during this time, the resident will be asked to take the item home with them the next time they go home. If a prohibited action is found (posters taking up more than 25% of a wall, belongings on top of a wardrobe, etc.) residents will have 24 hours to rectify the issue.

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of prohibited items or actions. All residents received a copy of this booklet at check-in and should read and become familiar with the policies outlined in it.

If a resident has any questions, they can reach out to their hall staff or their resident assistant.

Only two Resident Assistant Information Sessions left!

With the start of the Spring Semester, Housing and Residence Life is gearing up for our process to select Resident Assistants for the 2017-2018 academic year.

If you are interested in joining our staff, you are required to attend an Information Session.

The remaining two mandatory information sessions will be held at the following dates and times –

Monday, January 9th – 5 PM – Boland Pirate’s Cellar (Please note the location change.  This Information Session was originally scheduled for McNulty Amphitheatre.)

Tuesday, January 10th – 5 pm – Chancellor’s Suite.

Please reach out to Eric Mochnacz, Assistant Director for Training and Development, at or stop by 68 Duffy Hall if you have any questions.