Room Change Day will be held Wed, Sept. 16th

Room Change Day Flyer 2009.pdf

Room Change Day will be held Wednesday, September 16th in the Duffy Hall Conference Room for all students wishing to change their rooms.

Any students who wish to change their room assignment, either within the same hall, to a different hall, or an even swap with a resident in another room, should review the attached flyer (that has also been emailed) for the time they should attend. If students are unable to attend during their designated time, they should come by HRL in 68 Duffy Hall for a proxy form that will allow a friend permission to attend Room Change Day on their behalf.

Students who wish to participate in Room Change Day must make sure they have housing clearance.

Stay tuned for a list of available rooms which will be published by 5pm on Monday, September 15th.

Today’s the last day to change your meal plan

With the end of Add/Drop also comes the end of meal plan changes today. We will be here in 68 Duffy Hall to assist you with any meal plan changes until 6pm tonight.

After today, you are no longer allowed to change your meal plan. You are always welcome to supersize your meal plan by adding Pirate Bucks. Pirate Bucks are a terrific deal because for every $100 you spend, you get 15 more Pirate Bucks (so if you purchase $100 worth of Pirate Bucks, you actually get 115!)

Meal plans will again be able to be changed at the beginning of the Spring semester.

Bon Appetit!

Be Prepared for Flu Season

HRL wants to help keep you healthy! As they say – the best of offense is a good defense. Your best preparation for flu season is to avoid contracting the flu.

To learn how, check out the FB group Stop the Flu at SHU and review this quick Flu Facts sheet from Health ServicesFLU FACTS 09 (2).pdf.

Watch for announcements for the Flu Vaccine clinic offered by Seton Hall. For a small fee ($30 to your student account) you can be vaccinated against seasonal flu. It is scheduled for September 17th from 1pm -7pm in the Main Lounge of the University Center

Quick tips to reduce your chances of contracting the flu:

Sneeze or cough into your sleeve – here’s what happens when you don’t!

Wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water or use hand sanitizers.

Keep your distance from anyone who is sick

Additional steps you can take include:

Prepare your “Flu Pack”. You should include a thermometer (since you’ll need to check your temperature if you believe you have the flu), Tylenol (to take to reduce fever) and extra liquids for hydration (like Gatorade).

Get vaccinated.

If you do get sick, try to go home to recuperate. If that isn’t an option, choose a buddy to help you stay fed and hydrated in the event you get sick. Plan to do the same for them, if they get sick.

If you’re displaying symptoms you should:

Save your energy and reduce the spread of the virus by calling your health care provider or Student Health Services at 973-761-9175. In most cases, visiting their office isn’t necessary since symptoms and treatment can be discussed over the phone.

Check your temperature, hydrate, rest and stay away from other people until your temperature is gone for 24 hours without needing tylenol. Don’t leave home or go to class or work until you are 24 hours fever free without tylenol.

Tips to avoid activating the fire suppression systems

You may have noticed that the fire suppression systems in our halls are quite sensitive. They are the best in the business of keeping students safe!

HRL wants to offer some tips for avoiding triggering the alarms in a non fire situation.

We have both heat and smoke detectors. Heat detectors are set off by a swift rise in the room temperature, so items like hair curling or flat irons or blow dryers when used too close to the detector can trigger the system. So can steam from lengthy hot showers! Smoke detectors are set off by an increase in airborne particles, so aerosol sprays like air fresheners, hair spray or deodorants when used in excess can trigger the system.

So the best advice is to examine your room or suite for the location of your smoke head. Both the smoke and heat sensors are located in that unit. Avoid the actions above when under or near the device.

Read more about the system in your Fire Safety Booklet which your Residence Hall staff gave you at move in.

If you didn’t receive one for some reason, stop by the front desk of your residence hall or contact your RA to get you one ASAP.

How to change or add a meal plan

Until the end of the University add drop period on September 8th, resident students can modify their meal plan through the Housing and Dining Module in Pirate net. If you are a first year student, the module is likely on your “Money Matters ” tab. Returning students can find it through the “Offices and Services” tab.

Resident students who live on campus must have a meal plan, so the system won’t let you cancel your meal plan.

If you have questions, stop by Duffy 68 on any business day between 8:45am and 6pm through add drop (except Friday Sept 4, we close at 5pm) and we’ll help you out.

Commuters who would like to purchase a meal plan can also do so, but you must visit our office to do so.