Meal Plan Changes & Add/Drop

We don’t expect everyone to know how their eating schedule is going to work out when you get onto campus. As such, students are allowed to switch their meal plans during the first ten days of each semester.

All meal plans changes must be completed by the end of the add/drop period (ten days into the semester.) There will be no charge or billing proration for a meal plan changed within this time period.

Here is a break down of our meal plans:

Meal Plan  Meals  Pirate Bucks Guests 
1 9 meals/week 300 5
2 12 meals/week 275 5
3 160 meals/semester 300 5
4 12 meals/week 350 0
5 14 meals/week 400 5
6 16 meals/week 375 5
7 (not available for residents) 40 meals/semester 75 1
8 12 meals/week 695 0

What happens to meal plans from fall to spring semester?

hamburgerIf you’re on a meal plan during Fall 2017 and are registered to return for the Spring 2017 semester, your meal plan will automatically roll over to your account for use in the Spring.

Meal plan changes will open the week of December 1st and will continue through the last day of add/drop on January 17th.

Any unused Pirate Bucks will transfer to your Spring meal plan.

Commuters: this applies to you, too! If you do not wish to rollover your meal plan, please contact our office at 973-761-9172 so we may remove it from your account.

Want to change your meal plan?

Until the end of the University add drop period on September 4th, resident students can modify their meal plan through their Housing Profile under the profile and finances tab on PirateNet.

Resident students who live on campus must have a meal plan, so the system won’t let you cancel your meal plan or change to the commuter meal plan (#7).

If you have questions, stop by Duffy 68 on any business day between 8:45am and 4:45pm through add drop and we’ll help you out.

Commuters who would like to purchase a meal plan can call or stop by our office in 68 Duffy.

Today’s the last day to change your meal plan

With the end of Add/Drop also comes the end of meal plan changes today. We will be here in 68 Duffy Hall to assist you with any meal plan changes until 6pm tonight.

After today, you are no longer allowed to change your meal plan. You are always welcome to supersize your meal plan by adding Pirate Bucks. Pirate Bucks are a terrific deal because for every $100 you spend, you get 15 more Pirate Bucks (so if you purchase $100 worth of Pirate Bucks, you actually get 115!)

Meal plans will again be able to be changed at the beginning of the Spring semester.

Bon Appetit!

Housing Profile – Technical Difficulties

Due to a system upgrade, we are experiencing technical difficulties with the Housing Profile on PirateNet. We hope to have the Profile back up and running by Wednesday, July 22nd.

Additionally, the Housing Profile will be unavailable on Monday, July 27th, due to another piece of the system upgrade. It will be back up and running on Tuesday, July 28th.

Don’t worry, you’ve got until September 8th to change your meal plans!