Complex Profile – Cabrini, Neumann and Serra Halls

The Complex, made up of Cabrini, Neumann and Serra Halls, are three suite-style buildings designated for upperclassmen in room selection.

The Complex houses approximately 550 upperclass students.  Cabrini Hall has 5 floors while Neumann and Serra have 3.

The occupancy of the suites in the Complex vary, but this is a general break down of the style of suites available during room selection –

  • 7 person suites, made up of two double occupancy rooms, one triple occupancy room and a suite area.  The triple occupancy room is either a standard triple or an economy triple.  Standard triples come with three sets of furniture for all students.  Economy triples house three students, with a reduced housing rate for all occupants because the room does not have a third wardrobe.  The majority of economy triples in the Complex were provided updated, space-efficient furniture in the Summer of 2016.
  • 4 person suites, made up of two double occupancy rooms and a suite area.

The halls in the Complex have common areas on each floor for students to use as well as designated study spaces in all three buildings.  There are 11 Resident Assistants assigned to the Complex, one for each floor in each building.

Author: Eric Mochnacz

I am the Assistant Director of Training and Development in Housing and Residence Life. I am responsible for the management of student staff selection and student staff and professional staff training. I also supervise the 4 professional staff members who oversee The Complex and Xavier Hall, known collectively as the UpperClass Area (UCA).

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