Susan Glaspell: teatro, vanguardia y humor (1917-1918)

In Susan Glaspell: teatro, vanguardia y humor (1917-1918) [Susan Glaspell: theatre, avant-garde and humour (1917-1918)], published by Universitat de València, three of Glaspell’s one-act classics have been rendered into living Spanish translations by poet and scholar, Nieves Alberola Crespo. The Outside, Woman´s Honor and Tickless Time range from the tragic, psychological, and profound to the light and humorous, yet they deal with Glaspell’s essential themes: the struggle for women’s social and political equality in America and the need for and success of women’s solidarity. They demonstrate Glaspell’s pioneering and often over-looked early modernist experimentation, which rivaled and preceded that of her friend Eugene O’Neill. Each play is accompanied by a detailed essay which provides not only academic criticism, but also notes, contexts, interviews with practitioners, and other invaluable background that can help readers, teachers, students or actors understand and, most importantly, play the amusing and heartbreaking work of Susan Glaspell.

Table of contents:

Prólogo, Drew Eisenhauer

Más allá del dolor
En las afueras

 Juego de apariencias
El honor de una mujer

La quimera del tiempo
El reloj de sol


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